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Old Man of the Lake (2011-5-18)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Reading a title like “Old Man of the Lake” would normally not make me want to read the article, but when I saw what the “old man” actually was I could resist and read it. The picture above is of the “Old Man of the Lake” that is actually a tree stump […]

Happy Friday the 13th! (2011-5-13)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Yup, check the date again… It’s Friday the 13th… Either you are superstitious about dates or it doesn’t faze you. Todays post is for the first group 🙂 (Source: HorrorBid)

CTRL + ALT + DEL ? (2011-5-12)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Ever wonder why you need to press CTRL + ALT + DEL to logon to Windows?  Or CTRL + ALT + DEL  to reboot a PC? Hack-A-Day website had a very interesting article and video about David Bradley who is credited for it. To quote the site: You may not have ever […]

The History of Hacking (2011-5-8)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Hollywood has managed to glorify the hackers of the world as freedom fighters, or fighting the power, as it were. But the real world actions of these hackers cost IT companies on average $4 billion annually, while stealing close to $1 trillion in intellectual property across the world. Here are some interesting […]

Keep Coffee Hotter for Longer (2011-5-7)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Sometimes it is amazing to see how a simple idea can make such a difference. If you drink hot beverages you will know that first they are too hot, then just when you think it is the perfect temperature you realise you waited to too long and now it is cold.. Two […]

Banana’s Will Never Look The Same (2011-5-5)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…After looking at this post I guarantee that you will never look at banana’s in the same way. Japanese artist y_yamaden has managed to make sculptures out of ripe banana’s…now this is talent!     See I told you that you will never look at a banana in the same way again… […]