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HOWTO: Make Dora the Explorer Party Decorations (2014-3-17)

In this post you are going to read about how I made other decorations for my daughters Dora the Explorer themed birthday party. If you have not looked at the previous post on “HOWTO: Make a Dora the Explorer Map” then do yourself a favor and check it out. I recon its pretty cool 🙂 […]

HOWTO: Make a Dora the Explorer Map (2014-3-15)

Every year we choose a theme for our kids birthday parties and this year as my daughter is a huge fan of Dora the Explorer, we knew what theme it was going to be… Now for those of you who don’t know about Dora the Explorer, let me bring you up to speed quickly.  It […]

Is Back To The Future Hoverboard Finally Here? (2014-3-8)

I will be the first one to admit it.  From a young age I was obsessed with Back To The Future (BTTF) movies. Here was a guy (Michael J Fox) who climbed into a time travelling DeLoren (how were those gull wing doors) went back in time to when his parents were teens and then […]

Monday Media Mix: Budweizer Adverts (2011-6-6)

If you were on the Internet around 2004+ then you may know there were a whole bunch of adverts for Budweiser with the “WAZZZZZUUUPPP!” theme. No? Don’t remember hearing “WAZZZZUUUPPPP!” when someone answered the phone?  Seriously? OK let me take you by the hand for a little trip down memory lane…and don’t be surprised if […]

Monday Media Mix: Microsoft Adverts (2011-5-30)

Todays Monday Media Mix is are a whole bunch of Microsoft adverts from over the years, covering a wide range of their products. Now I have not seen many Microsoft TV adverts locally in South Africa, but in the States it seems like they try pretty hard – sometimes not successfully (the Bill Gates / […]

Monday Media – Movie Quotes (2011-5-23)

Today’s Monday Media is dedicated to Movies and the famous quotes that come from them. Please be warned, not only are some of these clips long (5 minutes+) but some may contain language that you would not want to be playing loud on your office PC  🙂 So here’s todays Monday Media, compliments of YouTube: […]