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Lighterside: PSN Hack (2011-5-4)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…In case you are wondering what this is about…check out the story about the PlayStation Network (PSN) hack… Top PSN Downloads in the Playstation Store… (Source: NeoGaf)

Gadgets for Geeks – PS3 Goodies under $10 (shipped) (2011-4-20)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…If you reading this blog, chances are you are interested in gadgets, and no doubt have a few around the house.  You most likely are also on the lookout for the bargain item that you “may use one day”. Well todays post is aimed for those PS3 fans out there – goodies […]

PS3 – Don’t throw away that Jailbreak Dongle… (2011-3-27)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…You may have read in my previous posts here and here, on how I converted the Demo PS3 that I purchased into a normal retail unit. Part of the success in getting this right was due to my using a “jailbreak” device, of which there are many models. The one I used […]

PS3: Backup Manager – multiMAN (2011-3-10)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…I must start this post off saying that I do not condone software piracy. Let me repeat that – I DO NOT CONDONE SOFTWARE PIRACY. Please Don’t Pirate Games – Support The Developers By Buying The Games. I do however feel that if you have legally purchased a game you should be […]

PS3 – Converting a Demo PS3 to a Retail Unit (Part 2) (2011-2-11)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…On the 28th January 2011, I explained what the Demo/Kiosk PS3 unit was and why I got one. Today I will explain on how I spent a Saturday evening (only crawling into bed at 04h00 the next morning) converting it to a retail unit. I tried about 3 other methods and this […]

PS3 Recovery Menu (2011-2-8)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Occasionally you might have to put your PS3 into a Recovery Mode to perform certain functions. Functions like: – Restoring all default settings – Restoring the file system – Rebuilding the database – Restoring the PS3 system from a backup – Or reinstalling the system firmware To enter the Recovery Mode all you […]