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Travel Money Saving Tips (2011-2-7)

Here’s a money saving tip if you like planning your own holiday. The wife and I were planning a trip down to the Eastern Cape to firstly go to Murray Purdon‘s wedding, and then of course show the family our new arrival that is due any day now. Now we could drive down and although […]

When you don’t want to give out your email address (2011-2-6)

Sometimes a website will require that you to enter your email address to register.  You don’t REALLY want to give it to them as you know that you will be sent their “newsletter”, and you will never read that.  Or it is website that you just want to get one file or document from and […]

When you need to watch that TV Episode… (2011-1-21)

The hero is trapped. The bad dude is about to make his move and then suddenly up pop those dreaded words “TO BE CONTINUED…” If you a TV addict like me, you will know what I mean when I say that sometimes you just HAVE to see that next episode… Well if you have a […]

Windows: Pin that Window with DeskPins (2011-1-19)

(Windows)  One of the things that I like about Linux (Gnome desktop)  is the ability to right click on any window and then select “Always On Top” to keep that window on top of all the others.  This comes in handy when say you playing music in VLC and you want to keep it on […]

Keep Confidential Files – Confidential… (2011-1-14)

We all have some of other type of information on our PC’s that we would rather keep private.   It might be those electronic payslips that you saving. It may be those excel spreadsheets with your budget information. It may even be those *cough* *cough* pictures.  Long story short we all have information that we […]

PS3: HowTo: Format FAT32 on a Drive Larger than 32Gb (2011-1-12)

Large hard drives, larger than 32Gb, are common today. In fact it is pretty difficult these days, if not near impossible, to get a drive smaller than 200Gb new. To be able to use a drive (and we are talking about a Windows system here) one has to create a partition on it (ie. you […]