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Michael Jackson – RIP (2011-6-25)

Today marks the 2 years anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson. Here is an interesting infographic in memory of the legend… (Source:

Monday Media Mix: Budweizer Adverts (2011-6-6)

If you were on the Internet around 2004+ then you may know there were a whole bunch of adverts for Budweiser with the “WAZZZZZUUUPPP!” theme. No? Don’t remember hearing “WAZZZZUUUPPPP!” when someone answered the phone?  Seriously? OK let me take you by the hand for a little trip down memory lane…and don’t be surprised if […]

HP MicroServer – Software (Part 2) – The Restore (2011-6-5)

Todays post is continuing from the previous post – HP MicroServer – Software (Part 1). Why I Love Drive Extender If you have ever had a RAID setup and had one hard drive failure you know that all should be fine in the world once you replace the faulty drive.   On replacing the offending […]

HP MicroServer – Software (Part 1) (2011-6-1)

About 3 or 4 years ago I wanted to setup a PC that I could use to backup my data. My collection of photographs and home videos were slowly but surely growing, and I wanted a machine that I could keep them safe on, even if a hard drive crashed and that would be accessible […]

Hardware: MicroServer Unboxing (2011-5-31)

There is nothing quite so cool as getting a gift and unwrapping it. Same applies to new hardware. Second only to the thrill of powering it on and using it for the first time is the actual unboxing of the item. Today I will show you how the HP Microserver is packaged and just how […]

Monday Media Mix: Microsoft Adverts (2011-5-30)

Todays Monday Media Mix is are a whole bunch of Microsoft adverts from over the years, covering a wide range of their products. Now I have not seen many Microsoft TV adverts locally in South Africa, but in the States it seems like they try pretty hard – sometimes not successfully (the Bill Gates / […]