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Wolverine or …? (2011-2-22)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Here is the optical illusion of the day… Who do you see? Wolverine? Or Two Batmen? The artist, Olly Moss from Nonsense & Miscellany, says: I came up with this idea on the way to meet with the guys at Marvel, but didn’t show it to them (for obvious reasons).

Bring TIM – Time is Money (2011-2-21)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Whenever I see a really cool Dilbert cartoon, that applies to my job, I print it out and put in on my office wall. One of the cartoons is this one… So when I saw this device I immediately reminded me of the cartoon… Introducing Bring TIM!® (Time Is Money) – a […]

Detroit Needs Robocop (2011-2-20)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…I don’t know about you folks but I seriously like Robocop.  The whole part man, part machine concept protecting the innocent and upholding the law is right up my alley. So when I saw an article about a group of people wanting to erect a statue of Robocop in Detroit I had […]

Computer Hardware Poster (2011-2-19)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…I discovered this poster when I was looking for a hardware poster to explain to my then IT Intern Technician, Tshepo Rapoo, what the different ports on a computer looks like. The image was put together by a person calling themselves “~Sonic840” and the effort put into it really shows.  The version […]

VW Passat Ad – Mini Darth Vader (2011-2-18)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…VW decided to advertise the 2012 VW Passat during the last Superbowl event. The advert features a “mini” Darth Vader (from Star Wars for those of you who are wonder who that is) trying out “The Force” powers around the house. Have a look and tell me if you don’t agree that […]

Body Bag gets a new meaning… (2011-2-16)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…This is really something that will help you loose friends and never be invited over for another sleep over… Medical students, doctors, and maybe a psycho or two however might enjoy it… ascii-store in Japan are proud to announce their  Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag which only costs 6090 Yen  (about R530,00 ex […]