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Interesting Facts about Microsoft (2011-4-27)

Love them or hate them, Microsoft will be no doubt be around for many years to come…           (Source:

(Part 3) Android Tablet: Default Software (2011-4-26)

Well we’ve done the unboxing, and the initial impression of my latest toy, the R700,00 Android Tablet; now to move onto the software of the device and what one can actually do with it… By default the tablet comes loaded with a whole bunch of software, some of them useful, others still trying to figure […]

Monday Mix – Inspirational Adverts (2011-4-25)

There is a great blog called the “Personal Excellence Blog” that I check out every now and then for some motivational or inspiring reads. On the 12th of April they had an interesting post titled: “15 Amazing Commercials That Will Inspire the Greatness in You”. Here are a few of these adverts from the post. […]

Competition: 100 Posts! (2011-4-24)

Today is a milestone for this blog.   This is the 100th post   I would like to thank all of the regular readers (I check the daily site stats) and those giving feedback (you know who you are), without you I have stopped posting and rather have spent evenings in bed watching TV 😆 […]

(Part 2) Android Tablet – Initial Impression (2011-4-23)

Yesterday you may have read about the unboxing of my newest toy – a 7 inch Android Tablet – that I picked up for R700,00 shipped (was on special). Today’s post is about my initial impression of the device. The reason for me buying this Tablet , besides the price, was that I wanted to […]

(Part 1) Android Tablet – Unboxing… (2011-4-22)

It’s finally here! If you been following this blog you will know that I placed an order for a R700,00 Android Tablet from on the 24th March – read here for the original post.  Well it arrived in my grubby paws on the 20th April. I had been tracking it online so I knew […]