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Hardware: MicroServer Unboxing (2011-5-31)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…There is nothing quite so cool as getting a gift and unwrapping it. Same applies to new hardware. Second only to the thrill of powering it on and using it for the first time is the actual unboxing of the item. Today I will show you how the HP Microserver is packaged […]

Monday Media Mix: Microsoft Adverts (2011-5-30)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Todays Monday Media Mix is are a whole bunch of Microsoft adverts from over the years, covering a wide range of their products. Now I have not seen many Microsoft TV adverts locally in South Africa, but in the States it seems like they try pretty hard – sometimes not successfully (the […]

Cool Camping “Kombi” Tent (2011-5-29)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…I must admit, the wife and I don’t really camp – in fact we have a 6 man tent still in its box in the wendy house out back, unopened, unused laying there for the last 8 years… Anyway… Came across this post about a VW Camper (they used to call them […]

Almost Back… (2011-5-27)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Have to apologize to if you have been checking in on the blog this week and you have not seen any posts…reason is that the flu virus decided to pay me a visit and from last week Saturday I have not been feeling lekker (“well” for non-Afrikaans readers). Some may call it […]

Monday Media – Movie Quotes (2011-5-23)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Today’s Monday Media is dedicated to Movies and the famous quotes that come from them. Please be warned, not only are some of these clips long (5 minutes+) but some may contain language that you would not want to be playing loud on your office PC  🙂 So here’s todays Monday Media, […]

Video Game Statistics (2011-5-22)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…How about this for some interesting stats on video games…   (Source: Online Education)