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Michael Jackson – RIP (2011-6-25)

Today marks the 2 years anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson. Here is an interesting infographic in memory of the legend… (Source:

Monday Media Mix: Budweizer Adverts (2011-6-6)

If you were on the Internet around 2004+ then you may know there were a whole bunch of adverts for Budweiser with the “WAZZZZZUUUPPP!” theme. No? Don’t remember hearing “WAZZZZUUUPPPP!” when someone answered the phone?  Seriously? OK let me take you by the hand for a little trip down memory lane…and don’t be surprised if […]

HP MicroServer – Software (Part 2) – The Restore (2011-6-5)

Todays post is continuing from the previous post – HP MicroServer – Software (Part 1). Why I Love Drive Extender If you have ever had a RAID setup and had one hard drive failure you know that all should be fine in the world once you replace the faulty drive.   On replacing the offending […]

HP MicroServer – Software (Part 1) (2011-6-1)

About 3 or 4 years ago I wanted to setup a PC that I could use to backup my data. My collection of photographs and home videos were slowly but surely growing, and I wanted a machine that I could keep them safe on, even if a hard drive crashed and that would be accessible […]