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Retro Gaming – Mario Power-Up Hall of Fame (2014-2-28)

I stumbled across this graphic a while ago, that shows the Super Mario Power Ups.  I tried really hard to find the original artist, sadly without success…(if you know who please let me know so I can acknowledge this fine work of art). Anyway it is a great graphic – enjoy!   (Source:  via FunnyJunk)

LCHF Adventure … Food (what I ate) (2014-2-26)

As you may have read in my previous posts (1, 2) I have started living a LCHF (low carb high fat) lifestyle as a way to not only improve my health, but ultimately to get my Diabetes (type 2) under control. Now you may have noticed that I did not call it a diet, but […]

Google Hangouts removed my Messaging app! (2014-2-25)

So one of my favorite clients came into me the other day with an issue where the Messaging application icon was missing from her Samsung Galaxy S3, and oh yes can you please check to see if you can have Google Hangouts stop managing my SMS’s. Now I knew that her phone is not rooted […]

Error: “You have been logged on with Temporary profile” (2014-2-22)

Had a client the other day who was working fine one day and then the next day every time that she logged onto her computer she was greeted with a message that said “You have been logged on with a Temporary profile”.  All her files and folders were “missing” and she had to go to […]

Replacing Windows System Files Live (2014-2-20)

Recently I had the need to replace Windows system files manually, while Windows is running.  For those of you have tried this in the past you may know that it is easier said than done.  Windows protects these files and/or they may be in use and then the error you get is “Access Denied”. After […]

LCHF Adventure begins…Exercise (2014-2-18)

OK so I had 3 months to get my HbA1c down or else my doctor was going to up my medication dosage. My wife and I like I last said, discussed the possibility of me going on this LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet, and we decided to give it our best shot. I must […]