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One Step Closer to Knowing Your Life Purpose (2014-4-27)

I was just surfing around the other night and stumbled across a video on YouTube that was entitled “How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes” by Adam Leipzig. After I had watched it I thought a little bit about it, and then continued to view other videos on the site. The next day however I […]

Nexa Vega N4 – Lets Fix the WiFi MAC Address Issue – Ourselves (2014-4-26)

So we rooted the Nexa Vega N4, and we made a complete backup of the phone. Now for the final stage of fixing the WiFi MAC address issue ourselves – the actual editing of system files. Now for those of you who don’t know what I mean by WiFi MAC address issue let me quickly […]

Nexa Vega N4 – Backup Before You Bugger Up! (2014-4-24)

OK with Root being achieved on the Nexa Vega N4, the next step for me was to make a backup of the phone. Whenever I think about backups, I think about the picture that my first boss, Steve Murray, had printed on his mouse pads that he gave to his clients… Thou Shalt Make Backups… […]

Nexa Vega N4 – Rooting (2014-4-22)

Not so long ago I got a demo Nexa Vega N4 that I did a review of  (Unboxing, Using a Dual Sim Phone, Benchmarks, Overall Impression).  After returning the review phone I knew I would one day purchase one for myself – it was only a matter of time. Well the time came about a week ago […]

Will all the REAL MEN Please Stand Up! (2014-4-20)

This post is a bit of rant post but I really feel that I need to say it… Real Men Stand Up! Recently I went on training  in the JHB office of my firm, so I decided to catch the Gautrain and a shuttle into the office. Now for those non-ZA visitors the Gautrain is a […]