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Abandonware – Re-Volt (2020-12-22)

Let me start off by saying that I really enjoy racing games. Apogee had a game in DOS called Wacky Wheels that I had a shareware version of on my old computer, and since then I was hooked on car racing games on the computer. The other day while on Facebook, someone showed a big […]

Pulling Teeth (Reports) – the TeamViewer way (2020-11-18)

Almost everyone has heard of TeamViewer, and believe it or not there are people that actually use it in business (so they actually pay for licenses and not just use the free edition). Paying for a license enables you to have management in terms of how the clients (or HOSTS) are configured and reports on […]

Abandonware – No One Lives Forever (2020-9-23)

Ever heard of a game called NOLF or The Operative: No One Lives Forever? As part of my big box Sierra games collection, I actually have a sealed box of the game. I haven’t played it, but because it was Sierra labeled it was immediately purchased for the collection. To quote Wikipedia A story-driven game […]

Time To… Hibernate (2020-9-17)

I have found now that on a number of occasions that I cannot power my machine off when I wanted to as it is still running a script or something, but I also don’t just want to leave it on just because I cannot sit and wait for it to finish.  Ever experience something similar?  […]

What? PowerPoint 95 no longer supported? (2020-6-1)

So I had an interesting request come past me the other day.  A client had very old (as in created in 1995 and last printed or saved in 1998) PowerPoint files that he wanted to open…however Office 365 was not interested in opening it at all. When attempting to open the file, PowerPoint 365 would […]