Gadgets for Geeks – PS3 Goodies under $10 (shipped)

If you reading this blog, chances are you are interested in gadgets, and no doubt have a few around the house.  You most likely are also on the lookout for the bargain item that you “may use one day”.

Well todays post is aimed for those PS3 fans out there – goodies for less than $10.  If you don’t have a PS3 yet…bookmark this post for when you get one 🙂

Items listed on this page you can get from – Free Shipping Worldwide and I have used them enough to trust and recommend others to them.


1. On/Off Switch for PS3 Slim – $2.50 – Sony did not include an On/Off switch on the PS3 Slim consoles. If you want to save electricity and really turn your machine off instead of just putting it into standby, then you need this.

2. PS3 Controller Skin – $2.50 – Keep your controller clean and add extra grip. Also in Pink, Clear and Blue.

3. Dual PS3 Controller Charger – $6.50 – Now you can charge BOTH controllers from one USB port, very handy

4. Steering Wheel Frame for PS3 Controllers – $6.50 – Add more realism to your PS3 racing games with this frame that your controller fits into.

5. Mini PS3 Move Torch – $3.50 – These are torches modeled to look like the PS3 Move controller. Ideal to add to your keychain.

6. PS3 Move Skin – $3.00 – These are protective skins for your PS3 Move controllers (the real one not the torch 🙂 ) Also in Clear and Red.

7. PS3 Controller Battery – $4.80 – This is a replacement battery for when your PS3 controllers battery charge is not lasting as long anymore.

8. Mini PS3 2.5 inch Hard Drive Enclosure – $14.00 – OK this is over the $10 limit but it is so cool I had to list it.  Convert that spare notebook hard drive you have at home to a portable drive in this ultra cool enclosure modeled to look like a PS3 slim console – only smaller.  Also available in Blue and White.

As you can see these are some pretty cool goodies.  You can use the currency converter widget on the right to see how much it is in your local currency.

Enjoy and happy shopping!

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