Abandoned Theme Park

If you found my post on Detroit becoming a modern day ghost town you may enjoy todays post.

I stumbled across a website called Theme Park Insider. There a reader, Ryan Traylor, posted some photos he took recently of the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Theme park, which closed after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, then never reopened.

Can you believe it has been so many years already since that natural disaster?

To quote the website:

Ryan shared some thoughts, via email:

“The first thing that struck me is how much the coasters and larger rides are still standing. Clearly the damage is from the flooding. And then the looting.

“Being in the park alone is awesome, even though the rides are not operational. Then the abandonment sets in. You hear the wind howling through the park. Broken gates creaking. Leaves rustling across spilled papers and plastic utensils. It’s literally a ghost town. They closed the park in preparation for the storm and never returned.”

Here are few photos from the site:

Sad to think that it is just standing there. Must be pretty eerie to not hear the park music or the terrified screams as the roller coaster zooms past…

Be sure to check out more photos on the Theme Park Insider website.

(Source: Theme Park Insider)

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