11 in 1 Survival Tool Card

Sometimes you can come across something that is cheap, but you decide not to buy it because you “may never need to use it”.   Chances are shortly after that you will need that item and then kick yourself not for getting it in the first place.  Today post is about one of them.

I saw gadget this while browsing Lightake and I ended up buying one for each of my staff and a few spare to give out to folks as gifts.

I introduce to you the 11 in 1 Survival Tool – that fits in your wallet!

Here is the list of the tools:

  1. Can Opener
  2. Knife Edge
  3. Flat Screwdriver
  4. Ruler
  5. Bottle Cap Opener
  6. 4 Position Wrench
  7. Butterfly Screw Wrench
  8. Saw Blade
  9. Direction Ancillary Indication – Water Compass*
  10. 2 Position Wrench
  11. Keychain Hole

While it may seem implausible, you can actually create a compass by rubbing wire,paperclip or a pin through  your hair, despite the fact that your hair is not magnetic and the normal magnetizing procedure involves rubbing metal against a magnet. To use you need to place the tool on a flat surface on the plastic sleeve that it comes with. Place a couple drops of water in the Orientation Direction Indicator to make level with the surface of the tool. Place the magnetized hair-rubbed wire slowly on the water or on a small leaf if it won’t float on the waters surface tension. It should slowly align North/South.

Seriously, how cool is that!  This thing is slightly smaller than a credit card ad will fit into your wallet or purse.  The best is that it is dirt cheap!

Get 2x 11-in-1 Survival Tool‘s with FREE shipping for $2.49.

Order yours here from Lightake.com or DealExtreme.

You know you want one…  🙂

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  1. #1ROSIE @ 2014-1-30 21:24 Reply


  2. #2Black Dragon @ 2014-6-20 18:01 Reply

    Finally! Someone that could tell me how to use that stupid direction ancillary indication hole on my 11 in 1 multifunction credit card survival tool!!!!!! Thank you!!

    I’ve been looking all over YouTube and these “so called” survival experts keep glossing right over the direction ancillary indication tool and that’s NOT a review! If you’re gonna show us how to use it SHOW US HOW TO USE THE DARNED THING!

    At least you told us how to use it!

    So, I’m going to give it a try. Then I’ll make my own YouTube video where I will demonstrate EXACTLY how to use the how to use direction ancillary indication tool.

    Thank you once again! 🙂

  3. #3Steve @ 2014-10-4 02:35 Reply

    How does # 9, the “Direction Auxiliary Indicator” work ?

  4. #4Rick Montey @ 2015-12-29 01:57 Reply

    You are assuming we have enough hair to rub. I guess in case of emergency, I’m destined to be lost!!

  5. #5Christopher Lowe @ 2016-8-10 07:45 Reply

    Mr. Mad Mike,
    Very damn cool! I put in to search “Direction Ancillary Indication” and your site came up first. Thank you for the info as I wasn’t quite sure how to use the dang thing. Very much into the old ways of life and survival and know of many different ways to find Due North except this. Going to share the knowledge with my children and family. I will continue to check out your site and spread the word. Seems as if we will need these tools sooner than later as America is on its knees.

  6. #6Mark @ 2017-6-1 22:54 Reply

    There is a better way to use the compass. The entire card is magnetized. All you do is float the card on a piece of foam, bark, or wood and the arrow will point north.


    • MadMike @ 2019-10-1 09:37 Reply

      Great share!

  7. #7Bill McGraw @ 2017-7-23 01:43 Reply

    You don’t need the tool to make a compass, only a magnetized piece of steel/iron/sewing needle to float on a leaf, piece of paper/wood sliver. A nail removed from wood gets magnetized from being hammered. Which end is north? Look at sun in morning-east or evening-west to find north end of metal part. Even a steel boat will point north given enough time.

  8. #8Jordan Schmidt @ 2018-12-26 05:35 Reply

    So I was unable to figure this out. I triedusing a cut peice of a small paper clip I magnetized with a small magnet. I then put it on an 8 mm drop of water. It would just fall off the drop and I couldn’t figure out how to use the leaf.

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