HOWTO: Change a Centurion D5 Gate Motor Battery


Today I start a new section in this blog – the HowTo Section.

In this section I hope to add “How To’s” for things that I have managed to accomplish myself (obviously with some advise and maybe a little of help from others) but thought that it was pretty cool that I could do it, and thought to share it.  I am not a handyman but with enough practice I may get better at DIYing 🙂

This post is about the Centurion D5 Evo Electric Gate Motor battery replacement.

Our gate motor was installed in 2012 and been functioning fine until lately. Opening it twice in short succession would cause a warning beep to come from the motor – 3 beeps every 2 seconds. This started occurring more often so I decided to give Mark from Access Security System a call. He said that the battery is not just a backup when there is a power failure, but also is used when electricity is there and the gate is in use. He said that the 3 beeps was a battery low warning and suggested that I replace it.

He delivered a replacement battery for me and fate would have it that for the next two days it rained (and caused my wife to have to wait for the battery to “recharge” before the gate would close the one morning)  before I could replace it.

Anyway here are the steps to quickly replace the battery.

1. First TURN OFF the power supply to the motor.  You want to do this!

2. Remove your anti-theft bracket for the motor and unlock the green plastic lid.  This will expose the internals of the motor.

3. There is a clip that holds the controller board in place. Push this gently away from you (don’t break it) and lift the controller board up (see photo below)

Once the green cover is off you can see the internals of the motor

Once the green cover is off you can see the internals of the motor

4. There are 2 other clips holding the controller board in place (closest to you). Lift the controller board off the top cover and let it hang there. You want to lift up that cover that it was laying on to get to the battery.

You need to lift the controller board off the cover

You need to lift the controller board off the cover

5. There are 2 clips now on the black top cover (that the controller board was laying on)  that you need to unclip (gently – don’t break anything now) and then it can lift up to the right on the hinges


Unclip and then lift to the right and up (it has got hinges)

Unclip and then lift to the right and up (it has got hinges)

6. Tada! You can now access the battery!  Unclip the cables from the terminals and then lift the battery out. Place the new one in its place and reconnect the terminals (same colours!).  Make sure that they sit tightly on the terminals.

Tada! Finally we have access to the battery. Disconnect the terminals and replace with new battery.

Tada! Finally we have access to the battery. Disconnect the terminals and replace with new battery.

7. Flip the black top cover back into place and put the controller back into its place. Test and close up!

(Note: The first time you test it, it will open and close vvvveeerrrryyyy slowly…this is normal. Seems the system is just making sure everything is fine)

As you can see, not that difficult to do and should not take more than 15 minutes.

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  1. #1Japie Oberholzer @ 2014-7-26 12:11 Reply

    Thanks Mike! All went well, battery replaced. Pease keep an eye on my angry bird Ursula at work 🙂

  2. #2paula @ 2014-11-24 10:16 Reply

    I want to know if there is a cheap and an expensive battery , what is the best battery

    • MadMike @ 2015-5-3 20:47 Reply

      The battery you want to get is called the “WP7.2-12” it should set you back about R400. Doubt you going to get cheaper than that sorry!

  3. #3OLA @ 2015-1-30 15:16 Reply

    My name is Sola, I want to know what is the problem with my machine D5 Evo. The machine

    keeps complaining of battery low and after I have change the battery to new battery.

    The charging level on the LCD is showing 14.1 and the battery level is showing 7.3 after I

    have charged the battery for about 3 hours. Even when i changed the battery to a new one,

    the machine still complain of battery low. Please what can I do, this is making me go crasy.

    Please help.

    • MadMike @ 2015-5-3 20:41 Reply

      Hi there, chances are your Power Supply Unit has packed up. Give Centurion Systems a call and ask for a CP84SM2A1E. That is the part code for the D5 Evo Power Supply unit

  4. #4Jon @ 2015-5-8 21:40 Reply

    Hi, my battery on this type of motor seems to be doing the same thing, I’ve noticed ‘acid’ buildup on the negative terminal. The motor was installed in 2010 so I suppose it’s due, but it might have been triggered by the load-shedding. What voltage should the battery show when disconnected from the system? 12V? I want to be sure I don’t also have a charger problem.

  5. #5johan @ 2015-7-30 15:55 Reply

    Good day
    I have a D5 gate motor. But the battery keep on going flat. What is the reason for this.

  6. #6Zithulele @ 2016-3-22 20:54 Reply

    hi Mike,

    I have the old D5 model which looks different to the one shown herein and how do i go about changing battery

  7. #7Dawn @ 2016-4-25 17:03 Reply

    So, where do I get one of these batteries? Gate repair companies want R600+ to come out to my house in Sandton and then they want the price of the battery on top of it.

    Out of curiosity, my D5 (installed new in late 2010) has sucked down two batteries in the past four months. In December the battery was replaced. In Feb the battery and the charging circuit was replaced (with genuine Centurion parts). Last week it needed a new battery because the one installed in Feb was leaking. The gate technician says either the D5 was hit by lightning or we had a power surge that damaged the battery (neither has occurred as I have a surge protector on a major appliance that would have been fried in the event of a power surge and it is fine). Any ideas why this thing is suddenly chowing down on batteries every 2 months??

  8. #8Michael Aresho @ 2017-4-7 08:31 Reply

    how do u set the closing and opening distance

  9. #9jonathan david @ 2017-4-9 08:14 Reply

    How do you remove the cover after opening with the key? Thank you 0847999200

  10. #10jonathan david @ 2017-4-17 06:19 Reply

    for a complete novice, you do not state how to open the cover!
    Thank you

  11. #11Denis @ 2017-8-11 23:40 Reply

    Is it possible to hook up an auxiliary battery to power the D5 motor? I was thinking of using a golf cart battery in a security box outside of the case and running the wires inside.
    Regards and thank you

  12. #12Richard @ 2017-11-1 21:38 Reply

    Hi Mike, I have just installed D5 Evo but after 2 months all 3 remotes do not open the gate. I suspect that the battery is flat and that it is caused by the charger not charging the battery. What is required to check if all connections are correct for the charger to work?



  13. #13Alex Moir @ 2017-12-2 09:17 Reply

    Where in Johannesburg can I buy a w7. 2-12 battery?

  14. #14Hughan @ 2019-9-24 16:38 Reply

    Hi. My D5 evo gate motor seems to work perfectly in the mornings & late afternoon/night. In between those times I struggle to open it. The battery seems to be fine. If I remove the green cover and open it with the circular button,it opens up perfectly. What could be the problem?

    • MadMike @ 2019-10-1 09:32 Reply

      Maybe it controller board is getting hot from the direct sunlight? Maybe consider getting it swopped out at Centurion

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