14 March 2013 – LCHF Post Word Spreading!


When I started this blog in 2011 it was for both fun as well as information sharing purposes. It was literally about things that were coming “Out of my Mind”.

I would write up a few posts and then schedule for them to be published and then see how many hits I would get and you know whether it was 4 hits or 20 it really did not matter to me.  What I found interesting however was to see how people stumbled across the site and what topics were interesting to them or not.

There was obviously a long gap from 2011 to today where I did not post – you can read about what I was up to during that time – but when I started blogging again it was really for the same reasons. Share information that I found interesting and just have fun doing it.

One of the topics I really enjoyed writing about was (and still is) my Diabetes journey, and how I was inspired to change my life around and see if I could somehow reverse what this terrible disease was doing to me.  If you read my post “Diabetes – What If…” you would have read about Billy Tosh and Professor Tim Noakes who inspired me to try the LCHF diet lifestyle. Needless to say after my fantastic results both Billy and Tim were considered legends in my eyes – and life savers!

Yesterday, Friday 14 March 2013, I had a quick moment at lunch time to logon to the blog and just make sure all was still well. I checked the comments waiting for approval and saw there were 2 waiting…the first one was spam but the second one let me shout out a Homer Simpson “Whoo Hoo!”  It was a comment from BILLY TOSH!!!


Oh My Word!  I was so excited that he had somehow picked up my blog posts! I finally had a way of contacting him and asking a whole bunch of questions! I had a chance to finally thank him for sharing his story that made such a huge difference to my life!  I am sure my staff thought I was crazy (ok more than usual) 🙂 .

Today. 15 March 2013,  I finally had a chance to sit down and turn the PC on and put together a few posts when I noticed that my site stats had suddenly sky rocketed!


328 views in one day! Most of it from Twitter – I am not even on Twitter!

I did a Google search for “Twitter outofmymind.scanlen.com”  and found that it was Billy who tweeted to Professor Noakes about my site!


All I want to say is “Thank you”.

Thank you Billy Tosh for sharing your story and in doing so enabling me to be finally off of my diabetic medication and feeling great! Also thank you for making contact with me, I promise to be in touch soon with all my questions 🙂 .

Thank you Professor Noakes for sharing with the world the LCHF way of living!  I am sure that Billy and I are not the only ones in this world who lives you have changed by doing so! I believe that great things happen from small beginnings and the more people see what can be achieved by changing the small things in their life (like diet) the more great things it will lead to (like a better and healthier way of life).  Thank you for sharing it with the world. Don’t stop believing!

And lastly a thank you my readers for visiting my site and sharing with me the things that are coming “Out Of My Mind”.

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  1. #1Tersia Foxcroft @ 2014-3-17 09:34 Reply

    Hi Mike, so inspiring to read your blog. I am Riana Chemaly’s colleague. I started LCHF on 27 Nov and have lost 10kg. Still have another 10kg to go. I feel amazing and started gyming. Have so much more energy. My brother has Diabetes type 2. He started around May last year. He has lost 19kg and is off his insulin. He had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He is on no more medication and eat, sleep and live by Prof Tim’s guidelines. People see me now and ask what are you doing – looking good. I reply : I having bacon and eggs for breakfast every day and eat lots of fat….. Their shock always amazes me. Yes, the real meal Revolution has started. Keep well, Tersia

    • MadMike @ 2014-3-17 21:15 Reply

      This is so awesome to hear! Keep up the great work! I am so amazed to hear there are others that are also able to get off the diabetes medication and feel that they are not only living on rice cakes 🙂 ! Please get your brother to make contact with me, I would love to do a post about him and his LCHF adventure! Once again well done to both of you, no matter what the detractors may say, this lifestyle does work!

  2. #2Riana @ 2014-3-17 10:04 Reply

    Hi Mike, I am so Inspired by your words and encouragement in your blog. Keep it coming. It makes a difference. Someone somewhere out there is going to read it and also be encouraged and inspired like me. I am sharing your blog on my facebook status so all my family and friends can also go read your blog. I truly believe this LCHF revolution is going to change the way people aproach food in future.

    • MadMike @ 2014-3-17 21:09 Reply

      Thank you! I have been really amazed at how may people are reading this, and can only hope that those who want to make a change for the better can see that it really works!

  3. #3Eliska @ 2014-3-17 19:59 Reply

    Really great blog, Michael! I really enjoy following this and seeing things from your perspective…

    • MadMike @ 2014-3-17 21:16 Reply

      Thanks babes for your belief and encouragement on this adventure! I could not have done it without you by my side! Mwah!

  4. #4Leon van Tonder @ 2014-3-17 23:00 Reply

    Hi Mike
    I am Tersia Foxcroft’s brother. I had a similiar experience with my type2 diabetes and it was amazing how it normalized with a LCHF
    Lifestyle. I do not really know where to start. Firstly, I do not miss my bread and white carbs!! I was wearing a size 40 pants 9 months ago and after loosing 19kg’s my 36 pants is falling of me( ready to shop for the size 34!!). Such a fantastic feeling not to inject myself twice a day ( I was on Humalin N x 60 units twice a day). My last Hba1c test was 6.5 about five weeks ago and I am aiming to get it under 6 pretty soon. I have always enjoyed my food, but the wrong stuff!! Now that I have a understanding of how to eat, I am defn. not depriving myself. I have discovered the pleasure of good fats like coconut oil,avocado,cold olive oil,butter,grass
    fed saturated fat. Vegetables prepared in butter is unbeatable!!! I enjoy my freshly grounded coffee beans to make a great cuppa.
    Bulletproof coffee is my latest. Discovered it on Youtube through Google!! Highly recommended.
    To all the T2 diabetics out there, you CAN control your diabetes!!! To Tim Noakes, thank you for all the research you’ve put in and to make us all aware of LCHF and Banting. Hope to meet you one day when you visit East London. I hear there is a possibility that you might visit Virgin Active very soon. I will gate crash, don’t you worry!!
    And to Mike, thank you for starting this blog!! You are everything except mad…..!!
    See you soon
    Leon van Tonder

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