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This post is especially for my son – Ethan – whose current interest revolves around LEGO, and who in a short space of time has managed to accumulate a small collection of LEGO Mini-Figurines. At least the pocket money is being used for something more beneficial than Ben10 figurines (that lay around) or Transformer cars (that transform into a million pieces)…

This got me thinking…what does a LEGO figurine look like INSIDE…well it seems that I did not have to look far. Seems Jason Freeny of has had those exact same thoughts and decided to dissect one (when my son saw the pictures below he wanted to also dissect one of his). Have a peak:

A Look Inside a Lego Figurine

A Look Inside a Lego Figurine

More detailed look at how the body of a LEGO Figurine works

More detailed look inside LEGO Figurine

This got me thinking, if LEGO is over 50 years old, what interesting facts are there about these figurines. has a very interesting infographic just about that! Check out these amazing facts!

Lego Mini Figurine Infographic

How cool is that!  Did you know that you can have your own custom LEGO Mini-Figurine made and shipped to you… yup with enough money and this site – your dream (or a mini you) can become a reality!

For an easier on the pocket solution – aka FREE – have a look at SigFig Creator in conjunction with the LEGO Movie. You can design your own virtual self and then place it as a backdrop to the LEGO Movie!

MadMike - Lego Movie

MadMike starring in Lego Movie


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