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As previously stated a lot of people ask me what I eat on this new lifestyle I am following. When I tell them they look at me with disbelief.

So I have decided to take some photos of what I eat so that you can get an idea.

To kick it off – BREAKFAST!

Note To Remember – only eat if you are hungry. Some mornings I wake up and I feel fine and not hungry, and I can go to lunch time without eating anything. Other mornings I will feel hungry and then I will have something like below and then only feel hungry at about  14h00.

Previously (pre-LCHF diet) I would eat breakfast between 07h30 – 08h30 and then by 10h00 I would be so hungry I could eat a cow. Now on LCHF diet I eat at the same time and then last like I said till 14h00 – 15h30 in the afternoon.

Anyway lets see the food!

Example #1:




3x Eggs, Chicken and Beef Sausage

  •  3x Hard Eggs
  • 1x Chicken Sausage
  • 2x Beef Sausage
  • 500ml Water (Still)

Lasted: 5 hours 45 minutes   (ate at 07h45 and had Lunch at 13h30)


Example #2:


3x Eggs, Mince Beef and 2 Slices Cheese

  •  3x Hard Eggs
  • Minced Beef
  • 2x Slices Cheddar Cheese
  • 500ml Water (Still)

Lasted: 5 hours (ate at 07h00 and had Lunch at 13h00)

As you can see it is enough food to keep the energy levels and brain functioning for a good period of time.  In the next few days I will take a few more pics of what I eat and share with you all

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  1. #1Tersia Foxcroft @ 2014-5-5 09:37 Reply

    Hi Mike. I eat very much the same. 1 to 2 eggs, either 2 to 3 rashes of bacon/mince or left over braai meat fried with onion, half a fried tomato, handful of fried mushrooms. I also have a small serving of Greek yogurt (double cream) with half an apple or homemade muesli. Sometimes this last me the whole day until supper. I add the tomato (which I don’t really like), mushrooms and apple as I sometimes get a bit constipated. I try not to have too much fruit as that can prevent you to loose wait. Supper it’s meat and veggies. Occasionally I will have butternut and sweet potato. And once a month 2 or 3 small baby potato. I like tuna and mayo but don’t want to eat mayo as it’s made from sunflower oil. I tried to make my own mayo but it came out a disaster. My favorite at the moment is: mixed seeds, coconut flakes and nuts mixed with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil then roasted in the oven. I use it as a muesli, put some on my salad or just snack on it. When we braai, I roast coconut flakes and eat it in place of chips. Keep up the good work Mike. Cheers

  2. #2Eliska @ 2014-5-5 23:27 Reply

    Must say, I have also not been feeling that hungry since I started doing this properly.

    Most mornings I have Double Cream yoghurt, with Cinnamon for flavour and a spoon Canderel. I know the eating plan prefers no sugar or sweetener, but though I have my coffee without sugar now, I still sometimes need to add a bit of Canderel. I feel great!

    • MadMike @ 2014-5-7 18:47 Reply

      You are doing great love on this diet! Thank you for joining me on my adventure, and thank you for all the support so far! I love you!

  3. #3Eliska @ 2014-5-5 23:34 Reply

    I forgot to tell you. You came to fetch Ethan from my work last week. Today one of my colleagues said that she did not recognise you! She says that she only realised it was you when Ethan and I walked out with you. She wanted to know how you managed to loose so much weight, so quickly. I tried to explain Banting, but referred her to the blog, as you do a better job here explaining your journey… 🙂

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