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Topic - LCHFNext in the series of “What Do I Typically Eat In a Day” we have Supper.  

Now before you look at the photos and think what the hell plate is he eating off of let me explain…it is plastic plates.  I have two kids and they have Princess Sophia / Minnie Mouse / Pixar Cars / Other Cartoon character plates that they eat off of…I choose to eat off a coloured plastic plates when at home and we do not have guests, and not off a cartoon character plate 🙂  yes it is a bit of the inner child in me coming out…

Anyway swiftly moving along…I present three examples of what I eat for Supper…

Example #1:



Fish Cakes, Chinese Cabbage and Green Salad

  • 2x Fish Cakes  (OK I know this is technically not allowed and I do try not to have more than 2)
  • Cabbage Stirfry  (will publish recipe in a post soon!)
  • Michael’s Green Salad  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Baby Tomatoes, Onion, Feta and Cheddar Cheese)

Note:  It is very few and far between that I will eat fish cakes, and this is really a bad example but I am being honest and as a matter of disclosure I am showing what I eat

Example #2:


Lamb Fingers and Green Salad

  • 2x Lamb Fingers  (fried in pan in olive oil)
  • Michael’s Green Salad  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Baby Tomatoes, Onion, Feta and Cheddar Cheese)

Note: The lamb fingers are VERY fatty and taste AWESOME!

Example #3:


Beef Stir-fry

  • Beef Stir-fry  (I will do a post on this also)

Note: This is a very cheap, quick and easy meal to make. I ALWAYS end up going for a second helping, just for the taste 🙂

As I final note the salad above is what I throw together. I generally will have it plain, but I have also experimented with my own yoghurtnaise  (another blog post).

So there you have it. Examples of Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.  I will take a few more photos of what I eat and post some recipes that you may enjoy.

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  1. #1Tersia Foxcroft @ 2014-5-8 08:31 Reply

    That looks baie lekker Mike! You can make your own fish cakes: tuna/salmon in a tin, 1 egg and Tbsp psyllium husk, add garlic/herbs etc. I make a lot of mince balls like that. The psyllium husk binds it very nicely. You can also use pork rind that they sell in the packets, grind it and use as “breadcrumbs” for your crumbed options. Thanks for your e-mail. I unfortunately couldn’t find the link to your recipe for mayonnaise/yoghurtnaise. Please share with us. I tried No calorie noodles (Shirataki Noodles) with my stirfry on Tuesday night. Alone it taste like nothing but when you add it to your meat/gravy, it absorbs the taste of that. I loved it and will buy again. Unfortunately a bit expensive. R29 at Dischem but it is enough for 2 people. I made my muesli again on Tuesday and added gogi and cranberries. Absolute delicious.

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