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Thanks for stopping by to read what is coming “Out of My Mind”.


Michael Scanlen


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  1. #1Murray @ 2011-1-15 21:56 Reply

    This promises to be an interesting enterprise to follow

  2. #2timon @ 2011-4-14 14:24 Reply

    well i can vouch for the out my mind part. thanks.. this is great so far

  3. #3Murray @ 2011-5-23 00:31 Reply

    1 Trillion dollars. I could use that pile.
    Just let me fetch my forklift.

  4. #4billy tosh @ 2014-3-14 14:42 Reply

    Dear Mike..read with interest your article on diabetes and weight loss. I am the cured diabetic featured in You and Huisgenoot in November last year. I wish you well and know full well the terrible effects of T2DM. I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am now med free for over a year with an average fasting sugar level of 3.3.
    If I can be of any help at all, feel free to contact me.

    All the best
    Billy Tosh

  5. #5daddyr @ 2014-8-2 17:36 Reply

    Hi MadMike. Coincidence that this is also (to my mother-in-law’s disgust) my nickname for my brother-in-law. I just hope you are not as dim as he is because, thanks to your articles on the Nexa Vega N4 I wnt out and bought one today. For years I have clung to my trusty, very basic Nokia but the time has come that I need to be able to get emails 24/7 due to the nature of my work. I prefer direct phone calls but the IT department wants everything recorded and they use a computerised system (to stretch a term) that sends out emails about problems that need to be fixed around the University where I work. Unfortunately for me there is no user manual. Should there be? I can’t ask the shop now late on Saturday afternoon as they are shut and it was their last N4 anyway. My youngest daughter just jeered and said it shouldn’t be a problem but that was coming from someone who has never rtfm’d anyway and I don’t think can read anything unless its displayed on a screen. I’ve tried searching for an on-line manual to no avail so have you any suggestions of how I could move forward? Thanks for an enjoyable read. I’ve bookmarked your site so that I can get back to everything I didn’t have time to read today. Best regards. daddyr.

    • MadMike @ 2015-5-3 20:51 Reply

      Hi there, I hope that you have had may happy calls with your Nexa Vega N4. I loved the phone, however a study table did not and cracked the screen in half when I reached across the table with it in my pocket. The supplier wants R2000,00 to repair it, so in the meantime I am using a ZTE dual sim phone. Do give an update on your experience with the phone please. BTW – a manual should not be necessary 🙂

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