LCHF – What do I eat? Breakfasts (Part 2)

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In my previous post about “What do I eat for Breakfast” I gave 2 examples of what I would typically eat at the office for breakfast.

As promised I took a few more photos so you can see what else I eat for breakfast.  Remember only eat if you are hungry.

Example #3:


2x Eggs, 2x Beef Sausages, Mushrooms

  • 2x Eggs
  • 2x Beef Sausages
  • Fried Mushrooms and Onions and Green Pepper

Lasted: 5+ hours    (ate at about 08h00 and had Lunch just after 13h00)

Example #4:

Scrambled Egg, Beef Sausage, Chicken Livers

Scrambled Egg, Beef Sausage, Chicken Livers

  • Scrambled Eggs
  • 1x Beef Sausage
  • Chicken Livers

Lasted: 5+ hours    (ate just after 08h00 and had Lunch just before 14h00)

Example #5:


Mixed Nuts

Lancewood Full

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

  • Bowl of Double Cream Yoghurt (Lancewood of course 🙂 )
  • Handful of Mixed Nuts (unsalted) (we found Montagu quality/price best for us)

Lasted:  7+ Hours!  This was amazing!  I ate this just after 08h00 in the morning and when I looked again it was 15h45!

In closing I hope this gives you some idea that living this lifestyle is actually quite tasty!  Updates on Lunch and Supper coming up!

LCHF – Yoghurt Shoot Out

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Yoghurt is your friend! High Fat / Double Cream is your BEST friend when it comes to this lifestyle!

You can do so many things with yoghurt and depending on what yoghurt you get the results can either be good or great.

Today we are going to do a bit of a “Yoghurt Shoot Out”.  Now obviously this is my scoring of the different yoghurts (and yours may differ) but this to more of a guide to which ones I personally prefer and purchase if available.

In the runnings for the “Yummiest Yoghurt” Award we have the following contenders:

DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

Scoring Details:

Values are out of 3 – ie. 1/3 (low) or 2/3 or 3/3 (high).

* Nutritional information is per 100g serving.

(1) DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

This yoghurt you should find in just about any South African supermarket in the yoghurt section.  It has a slightly bitter taste and the texture is not as smooth as the other contenders – most likely due to the fat content which is the lowest of the 3. Price is also average.

Website: Click Here
Availability: 3 / 3
Price: 2 / 3
Texture 1 / 3
Taste 1 / 3
Energy (kJ) * 518
Protein (g) * 3.17
Total Fat (g) * 4
Wifes Rating 1 / 3
Final Score  53 %
Spoon Rating yog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscore-greyyog-spoonscore-grey


(2) Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

This yoghurt you will only find in Woolworths stores, fortunately most areas have a Woolworths somewhere so getting hold of this should not be to much of an issue.  Th quality of the product is very high but so is the price with this one being the most expensive of the bunch… It’s fat content is the highest between the 3.

Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

Website: Click Here
Availability: 2 / 3
Price: 1 / 3
Texture 2 / 3
Taste 2 / 3
Energy (kJ) * 420
Protein (g) * 3.6
Total Fat (g) * 7
Wifes Rating 2 / 3
Final Score  60 %
Spoon Rating yog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscore-grey


(3) Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

This we stumbled across quite by accident a while ago at Checkers (Glenfair is our closest).  There is no information on the Lancewood website at all about it and when I contacted them they said it is currently only stocked in Checkers stores in Gauteng, and maybe Pick n Pay soon.

When we purchase yoghurt we purchase 4+ at a time, and this is the one we try and get hold of first (we have to ask the shelf packers to look for it at the back storeroom sometimes).

 The texture and taste is amazing – even my son loves this one!   Maybe with enough requests they will also distribute in other areas in the country – I really hope so – as this is truly the best of the bunch!

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

Website: Manufacturers
Availability: 1 / 3
Price: 3 / 3
Texture 3 / 3
Taste 3 / 3
Energy (kJ) * 418
Protein (g) * 4.1
Total Fat (g) * 6.5
Wifes Rating 3 / 3
Final Score  87 %
Spoon Rating yog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscore


So the winner in our book (wife / my) is most definitely the Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt.  The only issue is that it is currently only available in Checkers stores in Gauteng.  I suggest you contact your local Lancewood Sales Office and ask them to trial it in your area – you will NOT be disappointed!

Lancewood is the Winner!

Lancewood is the “Yummiest Yoghurt”!


LCHF – Condiment – Yoghurtnaise (Alternative Mayonnaise)

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Mayonnaise – some people can’t stand it, other people smother their food with it.

I was one of those people who enjoy it on food like salad and fish fingers/cakes. When one starts on a LCHF diet lifestyle you start to look at what different ingredients are in food. Mayonnaise is one of those foods that contains sugars and other goodies that might not be what you are supposed to be having – so I thought about what other alternatives there may be… and I started to experiment…

I introduce to you my version of mayonnaise – I call it Yoghurtnaise


Now as you have probably gathered by the name the main ingredient is Yoghurt.  I only use Greek Style Plain Yoghurt (Double Cream or High Fat). Now depending on which brand you use will determine the taste, in terms of bitterness.  Check out the “Yoghurt Shoot Out” post coming soon!


  • Greek Style Yoghurt   (about 4x Tablespoons)
  • Lemon Juice  (about 2x Teaspoons)
  • Mustard Power  (1/2 Teaspoon)
  • Mixed Herbs  (to flavor / optional)
  • Salt  (to flavor)
  • Cayenne Pepper (optional) 


Dish Yoghurt into bowl and add Lemon Juice and Mustard Power. Mix well.  I then added the salt, about 1/4 teaspoon, and mixed well again.  For added flavor I like adding some Mixed herbs (for flavor) and Cayenne pepper (for bite).  

I am sure that if I could get Onion Powder somewhere it would go well with it – but I cannot seem to find it in any retail shop…

Anyway experiment and see what other alternatives you can make 🙂 and do share!

LCHF – Snack – “Chocolate Mousse” Alternative

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There are times when on this diet lifestyle that you will crave something like a pudding. It is natural! It happens to everyone. How you approach it is what matters.

I would have cravings for chocolate.

Luckily I have found something that satisfies the craving… High Fat “Chocolate Mousse”.


 What you need:

  • High Fat / Double Cream Greek Style Yoghurt
  • Canderel Sweetener
  • Cocoa Power (unsweetened)



  • Dish out the Yoghurt into a bowl (as much as you want), in the example above it is about 8x Tablespoons heaped
  • Add 2x teaspoons Cocoa Powder  (the more you add the darker and bitter it becomes)
  • Add 1x sachet Canderel Sweetener.
  • Mix well

This is what it will look like while mixing:LCHF-Snack-ChocMousse2

  • Add 1x more sachet Canderel Sweetener.
  • Mix well
  • Enjoy! Taste the flavor!


In the above example I happened to have and use Woolworths Double Cream Greek Style Plain Yoghurt.  I have also used Dairybelle Greek Style Yoghurt as well as Lancewood Yoghurt – watch out for a yoghurt shoot out post 🙂

So there you have it. A quick, easy snack that you can enjoy in front of the television or for pudding.

Do you have any pudding alternatives?

LCHF – What do I eat? Supper

Topic - LCHFNext in the series of “What Do I Typically Eat In a Day” we have Supper.  

Now before you look at the photos and think what the hell plate is he eating off of let me explain…it is plastic plates.  I have two kids and they have Princess Sophia / Minnie Mouse / Pixar Cars / Other Cartoon character plates that they eat off of…I choose to eat off a coloured plastic plates when at home and we do not have guests, and not off a cartoon character plate 🙂  yes it is a bit of the inner child in me coming out…

Anyway swiftly moving along…I present three examples of what I eat for Supper…

Example #1:



Fish Cakes, Chinese Cabbage and Green Salad

  • 2x Fish Cakes  (OK I know this is technically not allowed and I do try not to have more than 2)
  • Cabbage Stirfry  (will publish recipe in a post soon!)
  • Michael’s Green Salad  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Baby Tomatoes, Onion, Feta and Cheddar Cheese)

Note:  It is very few and far between that I will eat fish cakes, and this is really a bad example but I am being honest and as a matter of disclosure I am showing what I eat

Example #2:


Lamb Fingers and Green Salad

  • 2x Lamb Fingers  (fried in pan in olive oil)
  • Michael’s Green Salad  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Baby Tomatoes, Onion, Feta and Cheddar Cheese)

Note: The lamb fingers are VERY fatty and taste AWESOME!

Example #3:


Beef Stir-fry

  • Beef Stir-fry  (I will do a post on this also)

Note: This is a very cheap, quick and easy meal to make. I ALWAYS end up going for a second helping, just for the taste 🙂

As I final note the salad above is what I throw together. I generally will have it plain, but I have also experimented with my own yoghurtnaise  (another blog post).

So there you have it. Examples of Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.  I will take a few more photos of what I eat and post some recipes that you may enjoy.

LCHF – What do I eat? Lunch

Topic - LCHF

Next in the series of “What Do I Typically Eat In a Day” we have Lunch.  Breakfast was published on this page. If there is one meal that I try not to skip it is lunch.

Now I must state that I am fortunate enough to have a canteen at my workplace so I grab something from them 99% of the time.

Without further ado I present to you Lunch!


Example #1:


Roast Beef and Green Salad

  • Roast Beef
  • Green Salad  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Olives)

Lasted: 6 Hours  (Ate at 13h00 and ate again at 19h00 that evening)

Example #2:


Roast Chicken 1/4 and Green Salad

  • 2x Roast Chicken 1/4
  • Green Salad  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion)

Lasted: 5 Hours (At at about 13h30 and then again at 18h30 that evening)


Example #3:


Wors and Green Salad

  • 2x Beef Wors  (aka Sausage)
  • Green Salad   (Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion) 

Lasted: 5 hours 30 minutes  (ate at 13h00 and again at 18h30 that evening)


  • I generally have feta cheese and olives with my green salad, but for some reason they did not have it with the salad that week…
  • I usually only have green salad, as you see above, as their other salads contain things that I should avoid on this lifestyle
  • You only see one piece of Wors there as I ate the other piece BEFORE I took the photo 🙂

I will take a few more pictures the next few days so that you can get an idea of what else I eat.