LCHF – What do I eat? Lunch

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Next in the series of “What Do I Typically Eat In a Day” we have Lunch.  Breakfast was published on this page. If there is one meal that I try not to skip it is lunch.

Now I must state that I am fortunate enough to have a canteen at my workplace so I grab something from them 99% of the time.

Without further ado I present to you Lunch!


Example #1:


Roast Beef and Green Salad

  • Roast Beef
  • Green Salad  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Olives)

Lasted: 6 Hours  (Ate at 13h00 and ate again at 19h00 that evening)

Example #2:


Roast Chicken 1/4 and Green Salad

  • 2x Roast Chicken 1/4
  • Green Salad  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion)

Lasted: 5 Hours (At at about 13h30 and then again at 18h30 that evening)


Example #3:


Wors and Green Salad

  • 2x Beef Wors  (aka Sausage)
  • Green Salad   (Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion) 

Lasted: 5 hours 30 minutes  (ate at 13h00 and again at 18h30 that evening)


  • I generally have feta cheese and olives with my green salad, but for some reason they did not have it with the salad that week…
  • I usually only have green salad, as you see above, as their other salads contain things that I should avoid on this lifestyle
  • You only see one piece of Wors there as I ate the other piece BEFORE I took the photo 🙂

I will take a few more pictures the next few days so that you can get an idea of what else I eat.

LCHF – What do I eat? Breakfasts

Topic - LCHF

As previously stated a lot of people ask me what I eat on this new lifestyle I am following. When I tell them they look at me with disbelief.

So I have decided to take some photos of what I eat so that you can get an idea.

To kick it off – BREAKFAST!

Note To Remember – only eat if you are hungry. Some mornings I wake up and I feel fine and not hungry, and I can go to lunch time without eating anything. Other mornings I will feel hungry and then I will have something like below and then only feel hungry at about  14h00.

Previously (pre-LCHF diet) I would eat breakfast between 07h30 – 08h30 and then by 10h00 I would be so hungry I could eat a cow. Now on LCHF diet I eat at the same time and then last like I said till 14h00 – 15h30 in the afternoon.

Anyway lets see the food!

Example #1:




3x Eggs, Chicken and Beef Sausage

  •  3x Hard Eggs
  • 1x Chicken Sausage
  • 2x Beef Sausage
  • 500ml Water (Still)

Lasted: 5 hours 45 minutes   (ate at 07h45 and had Lunch at 13h30)


Example #2:


3x Eggs, Mince Beef and 2 Slices Cheese

  •  3x Hard Eggs
  • Minced Beef
  • 2x Slices Cheddar Cheese
  • 500ml Water (Still)

Lasted: 5 hours (ate at 07h00 and had Lunch at 13h00)

As you can see it is enough food to keep the energy levels and brain functioning for a good period of time.  In the next few days I will take a few more pics of what I eat and share with you all

LCHF Diet – New Magazine Out!

Topic - LCHF

I have been asked by quite a few people about more information about my diet lifestyle. What is it that you can and can’t eat, etc? Listing it off the top of ones head isn’t always easy, and I normally refer them to this blog and some other sites. However I am pleased to say that there is one more source of information about the LCHF diet.  There is a publisher out there that has seen a need and has decided to publish a quarterly magazine called “Lose It”.

Our good friend from East London, Riana, brought it to our attention and I must say that after going through it I can really recommend it!

This is what it looks like:


You can order it online from MySubs, it costs only R40,00 for the digital edition. They even have a preview of magazine – the first 10 pages of the magazine – so you can try before you buy.

The secret however it that the preview contains the list of the foods you can eat and what to avoid (pages 6-7) 🙂  Click on the cover above and check it out.  It really is a great way to start your LCHF lifestyle!

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in anyway or benefit on any sales of the above magazine – however I do hope to one day be featured in it 🙂 )

One Step Closer to Knowing Your Life Purpose

Topic - Life

I was just surfing around the other night and stumbled across a video on YouTube that was entitled “How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes” by Adam Leipzig.

After I had watched it I thought a little bit about it, and then continued to view other videos on the site.

The next day however I could not stop thinking about this video.  Was it possible that what he said could actually help one find their purpose in life?  I came home, watched the video again and then decided to write this post.

Have a look – its only like 10 minutes long…

“How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes” by Adam Leipzig.

Now ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Who are you?  – Say your name.
  • What do you do / love to do? – What is the one thing you feel supremely qualified to teach other people?
  • Who do you do it for? – eg. client, family, parents, friends, etc.
  • What do those people want or need from you? – Why do these people come to you for that one thing you do?
  • How do these people change/transform as the result of what you give them? – What do they get out from it?

Now put all your answers together in one sentence and say it out loud.

If you break it down – two of those questions are about YOU, the other three are about OTHERS and the impact that YOU have on them.

To really know your purpose in life one needs to be outward facing, not inward – focus on others and not yourself.

The most successful people in any field are always focused most on the people that they serve, rather than on how they are served themselves.

Happier people  make it a point to make other people happy and do things that make them feel well taken care of and secure.  If make other people happy, life teaches us that we will be taken care of too. 

Wow! That is so true! Even in the bible in Matthew 7:12 it says “do to others what you would have them do to you…

Mull that thought over today. Identify what the greater, more external purpose is of what you love to do everyday. When you can do that and start focusing it on others more, not only will it make your work/hobby sound more interesting to other people, but you may just start to walk into work with more energy and a known purpose.

Nexa Vega N4 – Lets Fix the WiFi MAC Address Issue – Ourselves

Topic - Android So we rooted the Nexa Vega N4, and we made a complete backup of the phone. Now for the final stage of fixing the WiFi MAC address issue ourselves – the actual editing of system files.

Now for those of you who don’t know what I mean by WiFi MAC address issue let me quickly explain.

As an additional level of security on my WiFi I use MAC address filtering. So if the WiFi does not get a request from a predefined list of approved MAC addresses to connect, it will just drop the request.  Yes it is a lot of effort in maintaining a list of MAC addresses for each device but it is just one added step in “securing” the WiFi network.

Now while testing the demo Nexa Vega N4 I noticed that each time the phone rebooted it would change the MAC address of the phone…check it out

Nexa N4 - WiFi MAC Address Bug 1 of 2

WiFi MAC Address Bug – BEFORE reboot of phone

Nexa N4 - WiFi MAC Address Bug 2 of 2

WiFi MAC Address Bug – AFTER reboot of phone

So as you can see I had to fix it – or send to the supplier to fix (not with a new phone 🙁 )

After reading a LOT of posts on XDA Developers and trying a few things I was not having success.  It was 01h45 on a Saturday morning and I needed to rest.   The following morning after being woken up by my daughter at just after 07h00 I decided to give it another shot. I started doing Google searches and opening many tabs and then…I stuck gold!

I came across this website called  On it Damian Parsons wrote about Fix NVRAM Err = 0×10 And Random MAC Address!

It seems there is a file called WIFI that is located in the \data\nvram\APCFG\APRDEBed folder of the phones system.  It is inside of this file that the WiFi MAC Address is specified. If the default value is set to 00-00-00-00-00-00 in this file then the phone will randomly generate a MAC address for the WiFi to be able to connect.  One actually had to go and SPECIFY the MAC Address in this file to make it static!

The tools that I used was: Solid Explorer (as I purchased it) and Hex Editor (also in the Play Store).

Adapting his instructions, do the following:

1. Note your current MAC Address (From home screen > Menu button > Settings > About > WLAN MAC Address) or the address you would like it to be.

2. Using Solid Explorer, navigated to the system room \data\nvram\APCFG\APRDEBed

2. Copy the WIFI file to the SD Card  – keep one as a backup (name it say WIFIbackup) and another as the one you are going to edit (leave it WIFI)

3. Open now Hex Editor on the phone and edit the WIFI file on the SD Card

4. The MAC address starts row 1, column 4 and ends at row 1, column 9 – change the values from 00 to the value you would like it (or what your current MAC address is).  Save and exit the tool.

5. Navigate back to \data\nvram\APCFG\APRDEBed and note the file permissions

6. Overwrite the previously existing WIFI file with your modified WIFI file

7. Check file permissions and change to same as the original WIFI file if required  (it was in my case)

8. Reboot phone and check MAC address

9. Reboot phone again and smile when you realize that the MAC address is now staying the same 🙂

So going over our checklist:

Root Phone – Done!
Backup Phone – Done!
Fix MAC Address Issue – Done!

Regardless if you have a Nexa Vega N4 or not, I am sure that if you are sitting with an Android device that keeps changing its MAC Address of the WiFi card, this method will be the fix.

Special thanks to Damian Parsons from GizBeat

Nexa Vega N4 – Backup Before You Bugger Up!

Topic - Android

OK with Root being achieved on the Nexa Vega N4, the next step for me was to make a backup of the phone.

Whenever I think about backups, I think about the picture that my first boss, Steve Murray, had printed on his mouse pads that he gave to his clients… Thou Shalt Make Backups…

Thou Shalt Make Backups

Thou Shalt Make Backups

Now when I say “backup” of the phone I don’t mean a backup of the photos only, I mean a backup of EVERYTHING.  The type backup where if anything goes wrong, eg. the phone is “bricked”, you can make a full restore and it would be like nothing happened.

After doing about 2 hours of research I stumbled across a Windows app called “MTKDroidTools“.  It is a backup app specifically created for the MediaTek chipset phones and allows for complete system backups. Instructions on how to use it was on this page at NeedROM.

Now the site that I wanted to download it from originally, Google Chrome suggested it was not a safe website to do so, so I headed over to XDA Developers again and found a link that was posted by a Senior Member – here.  The download link went to DepositFiles here for version 2.5.3.

The first thing you need to do on the phone is to go into Settings and then Developer Options and then select USB Debugging.

Next on the PC (I was using my Windows 7 Netbook) extract the MTKDroidTools and run the application as an Administrator.  Now plug a USB cable into the phone and plug it then into the PC. This is what you should see:

MTKDroidTools Opening Screen

The GREEN in the bottom left shows that the phone is already rooted.

Now click the second tab : root, backup,recovery and then click the Backup button:

Click here to start backup

Click here to start backup

By default MTK Droid Tools will back up the whole ROM WITHOUT USERDATA  (Userdata is everything that the user has setup like Google account, email settings, time zones, etc).    If you want to back up also your peronal setting then tick Backup User data and Cache, otherwise let it blank – I did NOT tick it on my backup.

There is another option Leave Flash Tools File on SD Card which will also store the backup file to the Phone’s SD Card. The suggestion is to just leave it blank,  as storing the file on the SD Card probably will fail if the SD Card is full.  By default it will save it to the PC for you.

This is what it looks like while it is backing everything up – LEAVE IT ALONE – it takes a good while (at least 20 minutes) so like I said JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!

This is what you will see while it is backing up

This is what you will see while it is backing up

Finally after it has backed everything up it will prompt you to “Packing Backup?”, just click Yes.

Make a ZIP of your backup

Make a ZIP of your backup – Click YES

What is will then do – and it takes a while – is it creates a ZIP file of the system backup. This makes it easier for you copy to another location and manage (so you don’t have like 15 files to worry about).  Give it time – it takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

On your PC under the MTKDroidTools Folder you should see a backup folder and under that is the ZIP file of the system backup. Save this to a location that you will not loose or format easily…

Root of phone – Done!
Backup of phone – Done!

Coming up… “Lets Fix the WiFi MAC Address Issue – Ourselves”

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