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HP MicroServer – Software (Part 2) – The Restore (2011-6-5)

Todays post is continuing from the previous post – HP MicroServer – Software (Part 1). Why I Love Drive Extender If you have ever had a RAID setup and had one hard drive failure you know that all should be fine in the world once you replace the faulty drive.   On replacing the offending […]

HP MicroServer – Software (Part 1) (2011-6-1)

About 3 or 4 years ago I wanted to setup a PC that I could use to backup my data. My collection of photographs and home videos were slowly but surely growing, and I wanted a machine that I could keep them safe on, even if a hard drive crashed and that would be accessible […]

Windows: Pin that Window with DeskPins (2011-1-19)

(Windows)  One of the things that I like about Linux (Gnome desktop)  is the ability to right click on any window and then select “Always On Top” to keep that window on top of all the others.  This comes in handy when say you playing music in VLC and you want to keep it on […]