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RMPrepUSB – Boot Multiple ISO’s From USB Easily! (2014-3-23)

A numbers of years now I have been playing with tools that would allow one  make a bootable USB Flash disk. I have tried Rufus,  the Microsoft Tool, UNetBootin etc, but none have allowed me to EASILY boot multiple ISO files from 1 Flash disk. That was until I stumbled across RMPrepUSB (aka Easy2Boot)… You […]

For My Son: Lego Figurines (2014-3-21)

This post is especially for my son – Ethan – whose current interest revolves around LEGO, and who in a short space of time has managed to accumulate a small collection of LEGO Mini-Figurines. At least the pocket money is being used for something more beneficial than Ben10 figurines (that lay around) or Transformer cars […]

Is Back To The Future Hoverboard Finally Here? (2014-3-8)

I will be the first one to admit it.  From a young age I was obsessed with Back To The Future (BTTF) movies. Here was a guy (Michael J Fox) who climbed into a time travelling DeLoren (how were those gull wing doors) went back in time to when his parents were teens and then […]

Michael Jackson – RIP (2011-6-25)

Today marks the 2 years anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson. Here is an interesting infographic in memory of the legend… (Source:

Cool Camping “Kombi” Tent (2011-5-29)

I must admit, the wife and I don’t really camp – in fact we have a 6 man tent still in its box in the wendy house out back, unopened, unused laying there for the last 8 years… Anyway… Came across this post about a VW Camper (they used to call them Kombi’s here) styled […]

One Trillion Dollars – Just how much is that… (2011-5-21)

OK don’t ask how or why I was looking for this 🙂 but I found it interesting enough… ZeroHedge has an article by Michael Victory entitled “What Does a Trillion Dollars Look Like?“. To Quote the site: Firstly: When trillion becomes old school, what will replace it? Next: How do a trillion dollars stack up? […]