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Getting a Web Presence on the Cheap (Part 2) (2011-4-10)

Following up on the first post on How to a Web Presence on the Cheap, this post is for those people that have a domain name and are either wanting to upgrade from the Google Sites functionality or move to a different host (maybe for cheaper plan or due to stability issues with their current […]

Getting a Web Presence on the Cheap (Part 1) (2011-4-9)

If you are an individual, think how cool it would be if you could have your own email address like ““. If you are starting up a business (or currently have one), think how more professional it would look to have an email address like “” than the current one of “” If you don’t […]

How fast does your website load? (2011-4-3)

Today is the first post for a new category that I am starting on this blog specifically aimed at webmasters (people who dabble in webpage design 🙂 ) If you have your own website, the thought may have crossed your mind already on “How fast does my website open in another country?”. Well that question […]