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Eish! Fake Hard Drives next… (2011-4-8)

Many South Africans (and I see a few overseas readers) have been scammed by purchasing the “Transcend 32Gb Flash Disks” that are actually fake – read my article here if you don’t know what I am talking about. Well I suppose it was only a matter of time until some clever person low life scum […]

Eish! Lightning Strike (2011-1-24)

This folks is what lightning does to computer chips when it gets hold of it… This is in fact the network card controller chip that is on my motherboard. The wife and I were sitting in the lounge listening to the soft rain in the back ground when all of a sudden… CRACK! I jumped […]

DJ Hero Cable Crumble (2011-1-11)

Just after Christmas we went to the local Makro to pickup some stuff. As usual I do a pass in the music and game section to see what bargains can be found.  Low and behold there is a DJ Hero kit for Playstation 3 for only R399.00. So I grab one (they also had XBox […]

What happens when you steal a hackers computer? (2011-1-9)

I came across a very cool video that was taken at the DEFCON 18 conference (for those of you who do not know – it is a conference held for hackers, by hackers to discuss the latest in well … hacking). The video is presented by  a chap by the name of Dr Andrew “Zoz” […]

(Fake) Transcend 32Gb Flash Disks now in South Africa (2011-1-5)

Yes, yes, I know that if something is to good to believe then it is probably…and yes I know that by from the street vendors at the robots is a risky business at best, but this time I was really taken… As I pulled up to the robot near Woodmead during the December holidays, we […]