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Worlds Most Rugged Phones – Sonim (2011-1-31)

A while back I was chatting to my Cape Town colleague, Francois Jordaan, and asked him what cellphone I could get my standby technicians. I wanted something that would be rugged and have a LOOOOOONG battery life. He said that he would email me a clip on a phone that he was using. It was […]

Detroit – Modern Day Ghost Town (2011-1-30)

Found this interesting article on about some photographers (Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre) that went into Detroit USA, which is fast becoming a modern day “Ghost Town”, and took some photos to capture the atmosphere in the city. I must admit looking at the photos made me feel like I was looking at something […]

Thundercats – Remake Coming Soon! (2011-1-29)

I am probably giving away my age here, but many folks will remember a TV cartoon show from the 80’s that made kids run around with swords shouting: “Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOOO!” Yup! The adventures of Thundercats will be returning the small screen thanks to Warner Brothers Animation and Studio4°C.  Now a whole new generation will […]

PS3 – Converting a Demo PS3 to a Retail Unit (Part 1) (2011-1-28)

I was one of the folks that coughed up a lot of money in 2008 for one of the first Playstation 3 60Gb models – two months before the price drop (yup thats my luck). The reason for getting the 60Gb one was that it was backward compatible with Playstation 2 games. Now Sony was […]

Android Apps – My 10 Must Haves (2011-1-26)

My friend Timon asked me what Android apps I can recommend for his soon to arrive HTC Desire Z. That got me thinking, if I had to get a new Android phone, what apps would I definitely load from the start?  Here is my list (and I reserve the right to change it any time) […]

LighterSide: Nerd Friends Are Powerless (2011-1-25)

Here is something to brighten up the day… From Geeks Are Sexy blog source: