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How to fix a pothole…in 6 days! (2011-3-31)

Potholes – anyone in South Africa will immediately know that it is cheaper for the monkeypality municipality to put up a sign board warning about potholes in the road than actually fix them! I took the above photo while traveling back from holiday last year. We laughed when we saw it and then immediately screamed […]

Abandoned Theme Park (2011-3-30)

If you found my post on Detroit becoming a modern day ghost town you may enjoy todays post. I stumbled across a website called Theme Park Insider. There a reader, Ryan Traylor, posted some photos he took recently of the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Theme park, which closed after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, […]

Interesting Facts about the Lotto (2011-3-29)

Who really profits from the lotteries? $53 billion in tickets were sold in 2006. Half of the revenue was paid out as winnings, and 35% of the tickets went to the state government where the tickets are sold while the rest went to administration and commission costs. However, every year $500 million in tickets are […]

Monday Mix – Classic VW South African TV Ads (2011-3-28)

Today we take a trip down memory lane (once again compliments to YouTube – apologies to those at firms that block access to YouTube) and take a look at some of the classic Volkswagen (VW) adverts that have shown on South African televisions. No doubt this will warm my brother-in-law’s heart, Pierre, as he watches […]

PS3 – Don’t throw away that Jailbreak Dongle… (2011-3-27)

You may have read in my previous posts here and here, on how I converted the Demo PS3 that I purchased into a normal retail unit. Part of the success in getting this right was due to my using a “jailbreak” device, of which there are many models. The one I used is an E3 […]

Duke Nukem Forever delayed…again (2011-3-26)

You may have read in my blog about 3 May 2011 being a special day…that was the scheduled release date for Duke Nukem Forever – which it seemed like it was taking forever to complete. Read my previous post here. Well the new owners of the franchise – Gearbox – posted this video to let […]