How to fix a pothole…in 6 days!

Potholes – anyone in South Africa will immediately know that it is cheaper for the monkeypality municipality to put up a sign board warning about potholes in the road than actually fix them!

I took the above photo while traveling back from holiday last year. We laughed when we saw it and then immediately screamed as we jammed on brakes and swerved to miss the damn holes!

Anyway I am sure that everyone is aware of the major impact the earthquake has had on Japan…well the Japanese are not a nation to sit ideally and wait for others to help them out…

It was reported that the Great Kanto Highway in Naka was severely damaged by the quake leaving a 150 meter crater-like crack. Construction workers and engineers arrived at the damaged highway on March 17th, and by March 23rd (6 days later), it looked brand new – as though nothing had happened!

Now that is something to be impressed about! I think the guys buggering up working on the Gauteng highways can learn a book full of lessons from the Japanese!

(Source: Daily Mail)

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