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From the Eish! DepartmentHave to apologize to if you have been checking in on the blog this week and you have not seen any posts…reason is that the flu virus decided to pay me a visit and from last week Saturday I have not been feeling lekker (“well” for non-Afrikaans readers).

Some may call it Man-Flu, the worse type of flu you can get that strangely only men get; but I really was sick…

I would just like to thank my wife for making sure I had enough tissues / toilet paper and looking after me so well during this trying time – “Man Flu” is not easy to treat.  This while looking after a 3 month old baby and 5 year old that was sick the previous week also with “Boy Flu”.

Also my son for bringing me the Jungle Lite Energy Bars to ensure that when I was awake (and not tripping from the meds and fever of 39.8C),  I could snack without getting out of bed.

And finally my staff – for almost making me believe that I am no longer required at work as they get by quite well without me (and ensuring my office phone was no longer diverted to my cell).

This evening has been the first evening I can sit in front of a PC without toilet paper shoved up both nostrils, and without coughing every 5 minutes, to be able to post something.

Will start posting soon!  In the meantime make sure that you familiarize yourself with Man Flu and the impact it can have on your life…

MadMike posted at 2011-5-27 Category: Eish!

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