Monday Media Mix: Microsoft Adverts

Todays Monday Media Mix is are a whole bunch of Microsoft adverts from over the years, covering a wide range of their products.

Now I have not seen many Microsoft TV adverts locally in South Africa, but in the States it seems like they try pretty hard – sometimes not successfully (the Bill Gates / Seinfeld ads that were canned is one example).

Anyway I hope you enjoy todays ad’s.  I looked for the funny ones…so without waiting any longer, here is todays Monday Media Mix, compliments of YouTube:


(1) Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (I better watch out my wife might get me one of these)


(2) Banned XBox 360 Advert
(Apparantly the “violence” and theme were an issue)


(3)  Xbox Life is Short Advert
(I remember seeing this one years ago and shows the stages of life)


(4) Cure for the Search Overload
(BING – But It’s Not Google 🙂 )



(5) Unexpected eXPerience – Office XP (Dude – Bing Google “bypass office file password”….)


(6) Microsoft Dog
(No it’s not family of Clippy)


(7) Microsoft Flight Simulator X



(Source: YouTube)


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