Hardware: MicroServer Unboxing

There is nothing quite so cool as getting a gift and unwrapping it.

Same applies to new hardware.

Second only to the thrill of powering it on and using it for the first time is the actual unboxing of the item.

Today I will show you how the HP Microserver is packaged and just how big the machine is in relation to a Coke tin (ok, ok a Coke Light tin).

The Packaging:

As you can see the box has a picture on the side, and then one panel contains information about the system including the serial number and information.  On opening the lid you are greated with both UK and US plugs, as well as documentation on a CD and a quick install guide.  I left mine still sealed – real men don’t read manuals (unless they get stuck) 🙂

There is enough packaging to keep the machine safe and comfortable in the box no matter how far it is being shipped.  The last layer of packaging being removed and it is almost completely exposed.

As you can see the tin of Coke Light is about half the height of the machine.  In case you wondering the blue and yellow behind the grill is just tape securing the drive bays for transport.  A side shot of the machine.

Here you can see the rear of the machine, and the top view.

The machine is just the perfect size, not to small (limiting the upgrade options) nor to big (that it just looks like another PC).

My next post in this series will be on what I loaded and how I went about resurrecting a Windows Home Server that had failed thanks to Seagate Hard Drives.

Till next time…

MadMike posted at 2011-5-31 Category: Hardware

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