Review: Nexa Vega N4 Smartphone (Part 4 – Overall Impression)

Topic - Android So far in my review I have covered the unboxing of the Nexa Vega N4 Android Smartphone, Benchmarks as well as the dual SIM capability.

In this post I will be covering the overall impression of the phone.

If you want to check out the manufacturers website have a peek here. The flyer of the phone can be found here.

The overall impression I will be breaking down into the following sections and scoring accordingly. Price, Size, Battery, Camera, Other.

Price:  5 /5

The recommended retail on the phone is +/- R2600,00.  (Including VAT – Exchange Rate Dependent)

Now sure you can argue that you can import a similar spec phone from a Chinese website or from Ebay for about R2000,00; however you still need to calculate into the total cost the shipping, as well as import duty.

But the most important thing you need to consider is what happens if your import packs up? You will have to box it up and ship it back to the Chinese firm and wait until they ship it back (potentially at your cost again), and also how long is that warranty?

By buying this phone locally you not only are supporting local businesses, but the phone is covered with a 2 Year SWOP OUT warranty. Obviously there are terms and conditions but at least you are dealing with someone local so turn around time will be a lot quicker!

Size:  4.5 / 5

I love the big screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (my old phone) and 3 (my wife’s new one).

However I must say that the Nexa Vega N4 has really grown on me.

It has a big enough screen (5.0 inch) and although the screen resolution is 960 x 540 it really is not that “low resolution” if you are comparing it to the Note 1 (1280×800). Visually text looks normal and comfortable to read on the screen.

It did not disappoint when playing games like Temple Run or  Riptide GP, and even Flappy Bird ran fine 🙂 – each game proving to be clear, smooth and responsive.  Never once did I detect any lag of any kind.

Coming back to the size as it is very similar in size to the Samsung S4, although smaller than a Note, it is still very comfortable to hold and even use with one hand (the same cannot always be said the same for the Note).  It fits fine in a shirt pocket and comfortably in a pants pocket – and it is NOT heavy at all!

Why did I take half a point off?  I really debated long and hard with myself regarding this score.  The only reason why I did not give a 5/5 was that it was not the same screen resolution as the Samsungs, but having said that the only time you will notice it is if you put them next to one another.

Battery:  5 / 5

If I am going to put the Nexa Vega N4 against the Samsung S4 / Note then I must also score the Samsungs battery life.

I would rate my Note 1 and my wifes Note 3 both as a 3/5 compared to the Nexa 5/5.  I am lucky if I get 16-20 hours out of the Samsungs and tweaking settings like Turn WiFi and Mobile Data off when screen off and manually killing all background tasks did not improve the situation.  In fact my wife unplugs her Note 3 at 07h00 in the morning and some evenings is plugging it in again at 20h00… I have long forgotten what it feels like NOT to charge a phone every day – that was until the Nexa Vega N4 came along.

Now taking into consideration that it is a dual SIM phone (and I had 2 SIM’s in it), and WiFi was on for 50% of the time, and that I was on standby by the week that I tested it getting 2 days and then some out of charge is VERY IMPRESSIVE in my book! Check it out:

62% - 2 Days 1 Hour

62% – 2 Days 1 Hour

46% - 2 Days 1 Hours (Usage)

62% – 2 Days 1 Hours (Usage)

46% - 2 Days 12 Hours

46% – 2 Days 12 Hours

46% - 2 Days 12 Hours (Usage)

46% – 2 Days 12 Hours (Usage)

I am going to try and squeeze it for 3 days, but seriously our Samsungs have NEVER come close!

(Edit: Check this out – last day of testing…)

Nexa N4 - Final Battery Test 1

Nexa N4 – Final Battery Test 1

Nexa N4 - Final Battery Test 2

Nexa N4 – Final Battery Test 2

Camera:  3.5 / 5

The Nexa Vega N4 has a 5MP  (2560 x 1920) camera and flash at the back and a 2MP (1200 x 1600) in the front.

You are going to have to take my word that the front facing camera is acceptable (not posting any selfies) and I did use it to make a video call.

As far as the rear camera it is acceptable, if a little grainy (maybe a little “out of focus”).  I am sure using another app and playing with the settings would yield better results. My wife kept reminding me that if I wanted to take proper high res photos I should be using a proper camera. So as far as I am concerned it is ample fine for Facebook posts and Whatapps sharing.

Below are samples that I took. Clicking on the link will open the full photo so be warned – approximately 800kb each.

Nexa N4 - Camera - Indoors 1

Nexa N4 – Camera – Indoors 1

Nexa N4 - Camera - Indoors 2

Nexa N4 – Camera – Indoors 2

Nexa N4 - Camera - Outdoors 1

Nexa N4 – Camera – Outdoors 1

Nexa N4 - Camera - Outdoors 2

Nexa N4 – Camera – Outdoors 2

Nexa N4 - Camera - Outdoors 3

Nexa N4 – Camera – Outdoors 3

Nexa N4 - Camera - Outdoors 4

Nexa N4 – Camera – Outdoors 4

Nexa N4 - Camera - Outdoors 5

Nexa N4 – Camera – Outdoors 5

Nexa N4 - Camera - Outdoors 6

Nexa N4 – Camera – Outdoors 6

Nexa N4 - Camera - Overcast

Nexa N4 – Camera – Overcast

Nexa N4 - Camera - Sunset

Nexa N4 – Camera – Sunset

So as you can see they are acceptable.

Other:  4 / 5

I used the GPS and found that it was able to lock onto satellites easily (and quickly thanks to EPO and A-GPS enabled) and using Google Maps I was able to navigate with it accurately.

Nexa N4 - GPS - 1 of 3

Nexa N4 – GPS – 1 of 3

Nexa N4 - GPS - 2 of 3

Nexa N4 – GPS – 2 of 3

Nexa N4 - GPS - 3 of 3

Nexa N4 – GPS – 3 of 3

A small “bug” if you want to call it that was that with each reboot of the phone the WiFi MAC Address would change. Now as an added level of WiFi protection I use MAC filtering at home and this was the only way I discovered this small issue. Check it out how the WiFi MAC address changes on reboot…

Nexa N4 - WiFi MAC Address Bug 1 of 2

Nexa N4 – WiFi MAC Address Bug 1 of 2

Nexa N4 - WiFi MAC Address Bug 2 of 2

Nexa N4 – WiFi MAC Address Bug 2 of 2

The fact that it comes with JellyBean 4.2.2 out the box is a HUGE plus point for me.  All I need now is a way to root it and I will be 100% happy 🙂 .  There is an OTA (Over The Air) update option on the phone to update firmware (the support chap said it should be live mid 2014). There is no word yet on if they will be releasing KitKat.

Accessories – As the button locations and rear speaker grill are not on the same side as the Samsung S4, one will have to get extra screen covers and case (if available) and extra batteries (not that one needs one) from the supplier of the phone. I am hoping to get some photos and prices and will post as soon as I have it.

So in conclusion: 

Price 5 / 5
Size 4.5 / 5
Battery 5 / 5
Camera 3.5 / 5
Other 4 / 5
TOTAL 22 /25

88% Score !

I have really been amazed by its battery life and speed for such an unknown phone, and overall for my purposes it fits the bill perfectly!

It is with a very sad heart that I am boxing this phone up and sending it back to the supplier. The good news however is that as soon as I have some extra cash (in the next month or two) I will be purchasing one for myself!  A black one!

If any of you are interested in getting one of your own, feel free to drop me a line and I will hook you up.

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