OldSchool: Classic Sierra Games Now in a Browser Near You!

Anyone that knows me very well will know that I am a HUGE Sierra games fan.

I have boxes of the games made by them. Some are on floppy  and stiffy disks and then also the more modern ones that are on CD or DVD.  Sadly I have not had chance to play a game for about 2 years now.

For those of you wondering what types of games Sierra made, you must surely have heard of the “Quest” games.  Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Heroes Quest.  Not ringing a bell?  OK how about “Leisure Suit Larry”?  OK…now you MUST know who I am talking about…

Imagine my surprise when I saw link to a website called Sarien.net that allows you to play some of the Sierra games online.

Yup, no need to worry if you have Windows or Linux or now even an iPad, yes just fire up your browser and start playing, no mess and no fuss!  They have even gone so far as to add multiplayer support. Now you can play with others on screen – I must admit seeing 4 Larry’s on the screen too getting used to 🙂

They have “Gold Rush!”, “Kings Quest 1, 2 and 3”, “Leisure Suit Larry 1”, “Police Quest 1”, “Space Quest 1 and 2”, “The Black Cauldron”

If you have an iPad you must check out http://ipad.sarien.net , seriously how cool is this bookshelf with the boxart linking to the online game…

So go on, enjoy some OldSchool games and visit http://sarien.net or on iPad  http://ipad.sarien.net , you won’t be disappointed.

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