Duke Nukem Returns (after what seems like forever)

Theres a reason why they call it “Duke Nukem: Forever” because it feels like it has been coming FOREVER! 🙂

Jokes aside,  3 May 2011, will be a day that losts of folks who spent hours behind their computer screen playing the different Duke Nukem games, have been waiting for…

For those of you who don’t know, Duke Nukem is a video game series focusing on its protagonist, Duke Nukem, battling aliens to keep Earth safe.

Originally created by Apogee Software Ltd./3D Realms as a series of video games for the PC, the franchise expanded to games released for various consoles by third party developers. Since 1997 Duke Nukem was in development, often called “vapourware” due to release dates being missed. In 2010 the rights to the franchise moved to the hands of Gearbox Software who is said to have completed the development of Duke Nukem Forever and will be releasing it on May 3rd, 2011…

Here is a trailer of the upcoming game:

Only a few sleeps left…

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