What happens when you steal a hackers computer?

From the Eish! Department I came across a very cool video that was taken at the DEFCON 18 conference (for those of you who do not know – it is a conference held for hackers, by hackers to discuss the latest in well … hacking).

The video is presented by  a chap by the name of Dr Andrew “Zoz” Brooks, who is one of the scientists working on cutting edge projects for the Discovery Channels Prototype This television show.

In the presentation he explains how his beloved Mac was stolen and how he went about eventually getting it back.

At the end of the video he explains the lessons he learnt, and the one interesting thing that stood out for me was the more secure your PC the less the chance of you being able to get your data back if you are able to recover your PC.  Also remember to keep off-site backups…

Please be warned that some people may find the occasional swear word offending, but believe me it is still well worth the watch…

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