Starship Home Theater

I think it is every movie loving geek to have a personal home theater at home.  A place where you can sit back and relax while watching your favourite DVD in style and comfort – at home.

Well designers, Acoustic Innovations of Boca Raton, FL. exactly did that for a family living in this not to humble 10000 square feet home in Hawaii…

OK now that I have stopped drooling over the house, lets look at the real reason about the post…the movie theater!

No you are not looking at the inside of a Star Wars spaceship…that is the home theater!

The shuttle “windows” are actually  six flat panel HDTVs, each with a futuristic touchscreen remotes from Crestron. There are life-size R2-D2 and C-3PO droids that talk. It also has a three dimensional fiber optic starscape (roof) and also the interesting motorized pocket door that is the entrance thus really making you feel as if you are stepping into space.

When designing it the designers didn’t want the computer equipment to break the intergalactic illusion, so they hid it behind acoustic panels on the walls were designed to look like starship doors, equipment racks can turn 180 degrees, so they can be concealed by a concave cabinet, and the Runco DLP projector that makes the magic happen is hidden inside a soffit in the rear of the room. The screen is a curved, anamorphic 107-inch display from Stewart Filmscreen, which is acoustically transparent to accommodate the five speakers behind it.

As you can see it opens up and swings 180 degrees to show the kit…

Sigh…  Check out the sources below for a few more photos.

One day when I grow up and make lots of money I will also do that, in the meantime the 81cm Sony CRT TV will have to do…  🙂

(Source: ElectronicHouse and NewLaunches)

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