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Like I have stated before, I have a very special place in my heart for “old school” games made by a company called Sierra.

Now sadly the founders of Sierra, Ken and Roberta Williams, sold the company many years ago to enjoy life on a very large boat; and the brand has been sold a few times since and now currently belongs to Activision.

Today’s post is about a screen saver that Sierra published, and eventually  gave away for free, called Screen Antics – Johnny Castaway.

The screensaver depicts a man – Johnny – stranded on a very small island with a single palm tree. It follows a story which is slowly revealed through time. It takes many days to catch on to the story. While Johnny eats, fishes, builds sand castles, and sleeps on a regular basis, there are a number of unusual events such as the island getting crushed by a ship that Johnny attracted, Johnny getting tied up, and a mermaid coming to the island.

On holidays like Christmas there will be a Christmas tree on the island. St Patricks day four leaf clovers will sprout out the sand. Over Halloween a pumpkin cut into a Halloween-type lantern, appears at the front of the island.

I stumbled upon the following website while looking for a Johnny Castaway Live Wallpaper for my Android phone – . Sadly he does not have a live wallpaper for Android, but he has links to the next best thing…a working screensaver for Windows XP/Vista and even a tip how to get it to run on Linux!  Believe me I immediately downloaded and tested it on my Ubuntu PC at home and it works like a charm!

Here is a YouTube clip if you want to check what all Johnny gets up to on the island



Go on! What you still waiting for? Download it and protect your screen today! The good old days – what was your favorite screensaver?

(BTW: Anyone know where I can get a live wallpaper Johnny Castaway for my phone?)

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