LEGO Memories…

I doubt there are many children in this world that don’t know what LEGO is or have not played with it before.

I was fortunate to have an ice-cream container full of LEGO. I used to build spaceships and cars with rocket boosters and used to race them around the bedroom carpet. Hours would pass in a blink of an eye while playing with LEGO. I see that the bug is starting to bite my son as every time we pass the LEGO shop at the local mall he wants to go in…

Anyway, when I saw an official LEGO USB Drive, a Lego door stop and historical figures out of LEGO, I just had to share these finds with you!

Official LEGO USB Drive – $24.99

Classic LEGO® Minifigure is now available as a USB Drive as well!

Contained within the character is a fully functional 2GB USB flash memory drive. You can store and share your photos, MP3s, games, documents and personal files! Attach it to your keychain and carry with you wherever you go!

  • Store and share your MP3s, photos, games, documents and personal files
  • Save up to 2 GB of information
  • Hi-speed
  • Compatible with Mac and PC

Available at the LEGO online store –

LEGO Brick Door Stop (Cost: Wool and 8 Coke Bottle Tops)

I am seriously thinking of asking one of my 3 wives (Eliska / Sandy / Keka 🙂 ) if they will knit me one of these.  Seriously how cool is this.

Lazyastro over at Instructables has a full on step by step on how to make one, and  all that is needed is:

  • 1x Brick
  • 1x Ball of Wool
  • 8x Plastic bottle caps
  • Some thread
  • Someone that knows how to knit…

Head over to Instuctables to download the instructions –

Historical Figures made out of LEGO

I stumbled across a website called UrbanTitan that had an article on historical figures that were made out of LEGO. According to the article:

In 2007, Fine Clonier ran a contest that invited people to create historical figures out of Legos… They’re all pretty fabulous… Incidentally, the Mark Twain design above was the overall contest winner. Pretty deserved, I’d say – that hair is spectacular.

Check out the official website on Flickr – but for the meantime see if you recognize these three:

(Sources: Instructables; Fine Clonier, Urban Titan; and last but not least LEGO)

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