Monday Media Mix: Budweizer Adverts

If you were on the Internet around 2004+ then you may know there were a whole bunch of adverts for Budweiser with the “WAZZZZZUUUPPP!” theme.

No? Don’t remember hearing “WAZZZZUUUPPPP!” when someone answered the phone?  Seriously?

OK let me take you by the hand for a little trip down memory lane…and don’t be surprised if you find yourself answering your phone with “WAZZZZUUUPPPP!”


(1) The Original Budweiser WAZZZUUUUUPPP Advert


(2) Budweiser Grannies


(3) The Nerd Version


(4) Budweiser Date Night Advert


(5) Budweiser Wasabi Advert


(6) Budweiser Commercial – We are not Alone


Now you know…till next time…

(Source: YouTube)

MadMike posted at 2011-6-6 Category: Movies and TV

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  1. #1Eliska @ 2011-6-9 23:42 Reply

    I like those adds…

  2. #2timon @ 2011-6-16 19:29 Reply

    where is the original watszupp song.. its nice and catchy.

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