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Yoghurt is your friend! High Fat / Double Cream is your BEST friend when it comes to this lifestyle!

You can do so many things with yoghurt and depending on what yoghurt you get the results can either be good or great.

Today we are going to do a bit of a “Yoghurt Shoot Out”.  Now obviously this is my scoring of the different yoghurts (and yours may differ) but this to more of a guide to which ones I personally prefer and purchase if available.

In the runnings for the “Yummiest Yoghurt” Award we have the following contenders:

DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

Scoring Details:

Values are out of 3 – ie. 1/3 (low) or 2/3 or 3/3 (high).

* Nutritional information is per 100g serving.

(1) DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

DairyBelle Greek Style Yoghurt

This yoghurt you should find in just about any South African supermarket in the yoghurt section.  It has a slightly bitter taste and the texture is not as smooth as the other contenders – most likely due to the fat content which is the lowest of the 3. Price is also average.

Website: Click Here
Availability: 3 / 3
Price: 2 / 3
Texture 1 / 3
Taste 1 / 3
Energy (kJ) * 518
Protein (g) * 3.17
Total Fat (g) * 4
Wifes Rating 1 / 3
Final Score  53 %
Spoon Rating yog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscore-greyyog-spoonscore-grey


(2) Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

This yoghurt you will only find in Woolworths stores, fortunately most areas have a Woolworths somewhere so getting hold of this should not be to much of an issue.  Th quality of the product is very high but so is the price with this one being the most expensive of the bunch… It’s fat content is the highest between the 3.

Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

Woolworths Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

Website: Click Here
Availability: 2 / 3
Price: 1 / 3
Texture 2 / 3
Taste 2 / 3
Energy (kJ) * 420
Protein (g) * 3.6
Total Fat (g) * 7
Wifes Rating 2 / 3
Final Score  60 %
Spoon Rating yog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscore-grey


(3) Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

This we stumbled across quite by accident a while ago at Checkers (Glenfair is our closest).  There is no information on the Lancewood website at all about it and when I contacted them they said it is currently only stocked in Checkers stores in Gauteng, and maybe Pick n Pay soon.

When we purchase yoghurt we purchase 4+ at a time, and this is the one we try and get hold of first (we have to ask the shelf packers to look for it at the back storeroom sometimes).

 The texture and taste is amazing – even my son loves this one!   Maybe with enough requests they will also distribute in other areas in the country – I really hope so – as this is truly the best of the bunch!

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt

Website: Manufacturers
Availability: 1 / 3
Price: 3 / 3
Texture 3 / 3
Taste 3 / 3
Energy (kJ) * 418
Protein (g) * 4.1
Total Fat (g) * 6.5
Wifes Rating 3 / 3
Final Score  87 %
Spoon Rating yog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscoreyog-spoonscore


So the winner in our book (wife / my) is most definitely the Lancewood High Fat Double Cream Yoghurt.  The only issue is that it is currently only available in Checkers stores in Gauteng.  I suggest you contact your local Lancewood Sales Office and ask them to trial it in your area – you will NOT be disappointed!

Lancewood is the Winner!

Lancewood is the “Yummiest Yoghurt”!


MadMike posted at 2014-5-11 Category: Health, LCHF Diet

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  1. #1Tersia Foxcroft @ 2014-5-12 08:25 Reply

    Thx Mike, haven’t seen Lancewood here in East London but will look harder… I made the choc mouse: half serving double cream yogurt, half serving coconut cream and one Tbs cocoa. I bought Xylitol. Very nice tasting. I make hot cocoa with milk (occasionally) and cream with 1 tps xylitol.

    • MadMike @ 2014-5-12 17:45 Reply

      Sounds delicious! We finally got hold of Coconut Flour so looking forward to some creations!

  2. #2Eliska @ 2014-5-21 20:55 Reply

    I like the Lancewood one with a little artificial sweetener and a teaspoon of cinnamon. It is yummy!

  3. #3Timon Austin @ 2014-5-26 06:59 Reply

    Thanks Mike. Spar and pick and pay also carry house brands of double cream plain/greek yoghurt now.

    thing to check on any yoghurt… is it dairy or modified starch. . Read the ingredients.

  4. #4Hilda @ 2015-6-11 17:48 Reply

    Lancewood double cream is the best yoghurt…. Tastes like pure cream!!!

  5. #5Noelene @ 2015-6-30 22:47 Reply

    Lancewood yogurt now available Checkers – Shelly Beach, KZN

  6. #6Denise @ 2015-9-14 16:44 Reply

    I have been following. LCHF for over a year but I worry about sugar level in the above yogurts. From your posts it seems that I can eat these safely

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