DJ Hero Cable Crumble

From the Eish! Department Just after Christmas we went to the local Makro to pickup some stuff.

As usual I do a pass in the music and game section to see what bargains can be found.  Low and behold there is a DJ Hero kit for Playstation 3 for only R399.00.

So I grab one (they also had XBox 360 and Wii bundled for the same price) and pay.  I get home and put it on my “Inbox” aka Sleeper Couch to look at when the I have a chance.

Anyway fast forward to Saturday 8 January 2011 and the opportunity arises to play a little DJ Hero.   I carefully take off the plastic off and look at all the goodies.

While taking the receiver part of the bundle I feel like there is oil on my fingers from it. The next thing I see that the plastic rubber of the USB cable is starting to disintegrate in my fingers!  What-The-Frikkadel?

Here you can see the whole receiver and where the protective covering is coming off  (the white area’s).

Here is a close-up of the USB end of the cable.

A quick Google Search and I find one post (but for Guitar/Band/Drum Hero) where other users are complaining of the same thing! Link Here is what they had to say:

Re: Drum Pedal Cable perished!!

by frankieknuckles14 » Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:27 am
got my Drum Kit with GH:WT just over a year ago and its been well looked after and used speradically

Over the past months I used it again but when I was packing it away, I found several ‘sticky’ bits of plastic all over the floor.. After I examined the kit, the source was obvious.. It was from the cable which connects the Pedal to the drums.. The outer sheath had rotted/perished and turned into a sticky mass which was just falling off.

I have worked with electronics equipment for 20+ years and I have never seen anything like this.. Perishing Rubber is a problem, but after 1 year? I have cables all around the house (in the suite ) which are exposed to a huge range of temperatures/conditions and they have not done anything like this in over 6 years.. Where as this cable has been kept at room temperatures and never been cleaned with any kind of chemical…

Activision tell me that “its out of warranty so buy another”.. . But if its happened to me, it MUST have happened to someone else!

Another post said:

by tumbleweeds » Sat Dec 25, 2010 3:29 am
Same situation here. ****? The insulation is coming apart and turning into a tar like substance. Seems to me there’s an obvious defect and Activision should step up and replace this garbage. Their lack of customer support has left a sour taste in my mouth. I’ll never buy another Guitar Hero game or accessory. Guess I’ll switch to Rockband.

And Another:

by angieerickson » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:00 pm
The same thing happened to me.
I bought a barely used set for the xbox 360 with the game, a guitar, drums, and mic.
I bought the warriors of rock and another guitar, a guitar stand, and pads to help keep the drums in good condition.
I set everything up on Christmas Eve for my son and the drum pedal cord started falling apart. It was fine two weeks before, when I bought it and then it just started crumbling. What’s the deal with that? Hello – can Activision say RECALL!

Eish!  Time to see who imports the DJ Hero into South Africa… Google says Megarom does.

I have fired off an email to both Activision and Megarom to find out what now, as I really do not want to go thru Makro’s painful 6 week repair process…

A friendly guy called me on Monday to say that I could I return it to Makro or they would replace it.  When I asked him if this was a common problem he stated that he “had replaced quite a few of them for that problem” … lets see how long they take to replace it.

Anyone else out there experience this with their DJ Hero?

MadMike posted at 2011-1-11 Category: Eish!, Playstation

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  1. #1timon @ 2011-1-12 17:42 Reply

    its called the consumer protection act. you can take to macro and insist on:
    1. refund
    2. replace
    3. repair
    note the above choice is yours not theirs under the act

  2. #2NickelUK @ 2011-3-3 13:38 Reply

    My DJ hero is doing the same, its only about a yr old and the outer rubber is peeling off, the usb connector has turned grey. Thats what first brought it to my attention, then looking at cable the sheath is peeling off. Mine is from GAME in the UK. It is boxed away after each use so no chance of it being accidently sprayed by a cleaning solvent or any other fluid that might affect it.

    • MadMike @ 2011-3-3 20:59 Reply

      The supplier here locally admitted to it being an “unpublished issue” and has replaced the DJ Hero with a new one for me, however they cannot guarantee that it will not happen again…They said they changed manufacturers with the DJ Hero 2 kit, but I suppose only time will tell… In the mean time I suggest you open a case on the Activision website: and then attach photos…
      Good Luck, do let us know what happened.

  3. #3gabriel @ 2013-1-3 22:45 Reply

    Yeah, this same thing just happened to me today, right out of the box. What I want to know is why?

    • MadMike @ 2014-2-15 17:20 Reply

      Maybe age of the product, who knows how long it has been sitting on the shelf and as we all know rubber perishes over time

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