Android: Cordy

I don’t really use my cellphone (HTC Desire) for gaming, but there is a game that I found recently that is not only FREE (and installs to SD Card) but also the graphics make you feel like you playing a Sony PSP.

SilverTree Media developed the game Cordy, and basically you contol Cordy who is a little robot with a big job – to power up his world! Help him run, jump, push, pull, lift, and throw his way through exciting puzzles in beautiful places.  If you enjoyed playing Mario Bros or Sonic as a kid you will love this game!

Here are two screen shots:

But to really get a feel for the game check out this YouTube clip:



So what you still waiting for?  Download it now from the Android Market!
MadMike posted at 2011-3-13 Category: Android

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