Monday Movie Mix – South African Kids TV Blast from the Past

When I was a kid I could spend hours in front of the TV watching the animated series playing over and over.  Here in South Africa they also used to dub the sound track in Afrikaans, so shows like “David the Gnome” were known here locally as “Dawie die Kabouter”…

Well here is Monday Movie Mix (compliments of YouTube) playing the intros to the animation series that us “older” generation grew up with.

1. Maya the Bee   (Afrikaans: Maya)



2. Heidi  (Afrikaans: Heidi)


3. Pumpkin Patch (South African Produced)



4. Vicky the Viking (Afrikaans: Vicky)



5. Mannemarak (South African Produced)



6. The World of David The Gnome (Afrikaans: Dawie Die Kabouter)




7. Niels Holgersson



4. Haas Das se Nuuskas (South African Production)



Aaahhh…. Good Memories…

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