Monday Mix – Classic VW South African TV Ads

Today we take a trip down memory lane (once again compliments to YouTube – apologies to those at firms that block access to YouTube) and take a look at some of the classic Volkswagen (VW) adverts that have shown on South African televisions.

No doubt this will warm my brother-in-law’s heart, Pierre, as he watches it as he is a serious VW fan…

So on that note I proudly introduce to you the Monday Mix of Classic VW adverts shown on South African television…

1. VW “Memories” Advert

2. VW “People Logo” Advert

3. VW Syncro Kombi Advert

4. Ag Please Daddy VW Advert

5. VW Citi Golf “Blue Yellow Red” Advert

6. VW Skydiving Polo Advert


So what was your favourite VW advert?  Leave some feedback!

(Source: YouTube)

MadMike posted at 2011-3-28 Category: Movies and TV

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  1. #1timon @ 2011-3-29 15:34 Reply

    The one wiht the garfield stuck on the back window .. the all time classic memories (Andre de Villers) and one with galaxy of blue song

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