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Monday Mix – GIF’s… (2011-5-16)

Not the usual Monday Mix, but anyway…stumbled across this website that has a bunch of animated GIF’s. For those of you who don’t know what a GIF is, it is a format of picture that is generally low quality (so smaller in size) than other formats like JPEG or BMP, but what makes GIF unique […]

Lighterside: PSN Hack (2011-5-4)

In case you are wondering what this is about…check out the story about the PlayStation Network (PSN) hack… Top PSN Downloads in the Playstation Store… (Source: NeoGaf)

Lighterside: What the Customer Needed… (2011-4-19)

This would not be so sad if it was not so true! (Source: ProjectCartoon)

What We See vs What Kids See… (2011-4-15)

If you are parent you will relate to these pictures, if not then cast your memory back to when you were a kid… I guarantee a smile or two…check out the site for more pictures 🙂         (Source: Pleated Jeans)

LighterSide: Real World CTRL+ V/X/Z (2011-4-12)

For those of you who use Word on a daily basis you should know what CTRL+V or CTRL+X or CTRL+Z is… For those not familiar…  

South African Taxi Drivers… (2011-4-6)

You know what they say about South African taxi drivers… well here is proof on just how bad they drive! Thanks Shaughn for passing this classic on.