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Not Game Over… (2011-4-2)

My buddy Murray Purdon – of and – is getting married today. Congrads buddy! Here’s wishing you and Heather many wonderful years together.   You have successfully unlocked the next level to life It is far from Game Over 🙂

It’s Friday! (2011-4-1)

In case you wondering what day it is…   OK not got the joke?  Sigh…watch the video… [youtube=] Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’) Tomorrow is Saturday And Sunday comes after…wards I don’t want this weekend to end (Source: Memebase and Youtube)

Lighterside: Different Mustaches for Mario (2011-3-22)

Continuing with Monday’s Mario theme…How would Mario look like if he tried out different styles of mustaches… Well no more wondering… Artist Mike Stefanini from Atomike Studios helps us with that one… Introducing the different “mo” mustache options for Mario…   (Source: Atomike Studio)

$#*! My Dad Says… (2011-3-18)

DISCLAIMER: SENSITIVE READERS MAY BE OFFENDED BY THIS POST.   (PG: L) I dig William Shatner.  Star Trek and Boston Legal, the dude is a legend.  So naturally when I heard he was starring in a new TV series called “$#*! My Dad Says” I just had to see what it was about. The TV […]

Lighterside: Winception (2011-3-15)

If you have seen the movie Inception then you will fully get this… (Source: 2dayblog)  

LighterSide: Download the Internet (2011-3-8)

Many years ago the joke went around that a blonde walked into a computer shop and bought a box of floppys and asked the technician to download the internet for her onto them  🙂 Weedpoop (don’t ask) posted this picture on Tumblr and that joke rushed to mind. Dirk, my one technician, also reminded me […]