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Eish! Lightning Strike (2011-1-24)

This folks is what lightning does to computer chips when it gets hold of it… This is in fact the network card controller chip that is on my motherboard. The wife and I were sitting in the lounge listening to the soft rain in the back ground when all of a sudden… CRACK! I jumped […]

PS3 – Folder Structure for External Media (2011-1-23)

OK so you have hard drive (or USB flash) formatted with FAT32 that you want to plug into your PS3, but the Music does not show up on the XMB under Music, neither do the Photos or Music… So just how is the PS3 expecting the folder structure to be setup? Found this great article […]

Cracking the Credit Card Code (2011-1-22)

Have you ever wondered how the banks or financial service providers determine the numbers on your credit card? Contrary to what you may think, they aren’t random. Those 16 digits are there for a reason and, knowing a few simple rules, you could actually learn a lot about a credit card just from its number. This […]

When you need to watch that TV Episode… (2011-1-21)

The hero is trapped. The bad dude is about to make his move and then suddenly up pop those dreaded words “TO BE CONTINUED…” If you a TV addict like me, you will know what I mean when I say that sometimes you just HAVE to see that next episode… Well if you have a […]

Windows: Pin that Window with DeskPins (2011-1-19)

(Windows)  One of the things that I like about Linux (Gnome desktop)  is the ability to right click on any window and then select “Always On Top” to keep that window on top of all the others.  This comes in handy when say you playing music in VLC and you want to keep it on […]

LighterSide: 9 Ways Guys Pee… (2011-1-18)

Found this post from the website “” posted by Scotty Trigg. See if you recognise yourself as one of them 🙂 I introduce to you: