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One Trillion Dollars – Just how much is that… (2011-5-21)

OK don’t ask how or why I was looking for this 🙂 but I found it interesting enough… ZeroHedge has an article by Michael Victory entitled “What Does a Trillion Dollars Look Like?“. To Quote the site: Firstly: When trillion becomes old school, what will replace it? Next: How do a trillion dollars stack up? […]

Hardware: HP MicroServer Specs (2011-5-20)

The HP ProLiant MicroServer (as it is officially known) is an excellent “starter” or home server. The official website link can be found here.  To quote the site: You have multiple versions of files floating around the company and maintaining control of document versions is becoming a challenge – there is no central data storage. […]

Hardware: HP MicroServer (2011-5-19)

Today brings a new section to this blog, namely Hardware.  In it I will be posting about computer hardware that I have purchased or looking at purchasing in the hopes to help you decide if you want to purchase as well. In February 2011 I was looking at a small form factor server, something that […]

Old Man of the Lake (2011-5-18)

Reading a title like “Old Man of the Lake” would normally not make me want to read the article, but when I saw what the “old man” actually was I could resist and read it. The picture above is of the “Old Man of the Lake” that is actually a tree stump that floats vertically […]

Uses for Fake Transcend 32Gb Memory Sticks (2011-5-17)

Ok, so you realise that the “bargain” you bought at the robots is not really a 32Gb Transcend USB Memory Stick, but a low quality knock off worth far less than what you paid for it….believe me after the anger has subsided for being ripped off you will start looking for ways to try and […]

Monday Mix – GIF’s… (2011-5-16)

Not the usual Monday Mix, but anyway…stumbled across this website that has a bunch of animated GIF’s. For those of you who don’t know what a GIF is, it is a format of picture that is generally low quality (so smaller in size) than other formats like JPEG or BMP, but what makes GIF unique […]