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LCHF – What do I eat? Breakfasts (2014-5-5)

As previously stated a lot of people ask me what I eat on this new lifestyle I am following. When I tell them they look at me with disbelief. So I have decided to take some photos of what I eat so that you can get an idea. To kick it off – BREAKFAST! Note […]

LCHF Diet – New Magazine Out! (2014-5-1)

I have been asked by quite a few people about more information about my diet lifestyle. What is it that you can and can’t eat, etc? Listing it off the top of ones head isn’t always easy, and I normally refer them to this blog and some other sites. However I am pleased to say that there […]

One Step Closer to Knowing Your Life Purpose (2014-4-27)

I was just surfing around the other night and stumbled across a video on YouTube that was entitled “How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes” by Adam Leipzig. After I had watched it I thought a little bit about it, and then continued to view other videos on the site. The next day however I […]

Nexa Vega N4 – Lets Fix the WiFi MAC Address Issue – Ourselves (2014-4-26)

So we rooted the Nexa Vega N4, and we made a complete backup of the phone. Now for the final stage of fixing the WiFi MAC address issue ourselves – the actual editing of system files. Now for those of you who don’t know what I mean by WiFi MAC address issue let me quickly […]

Nexa Vega N4 – Backup Before You Bugger Up! (2014-4-24)

OK with Root being achieved on the Nexa Vega N4, the next step for me was to make a backup of the phone. Whenever I think about backups, I think about the picture that my first boss, Steve Murray, had printed on his mouse pads that he gave to his clients… Thou Shalt Make Backups… […]

Nexa Vega N4 – Rooting (2014-4-22)

Not so long ago I got a demo Nexa Vega N4 that I did a review of  (Unboxing, Using a Dual Sim Phone, Benchmarks, Overall Impression).  After returning the review phone I knew I would one day purchase one for myself – it was only a matter of time. Well the time came about a week ago […]